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Salmond 'more popular' than Brown

Alex Salmond
The majority of those polled thought Mr Salmond was doing a good job

The Scottish first minister is considerably more popular in Scotland than either Gordon Brown or David Cameron, a BBC poll has suggested.

The poll, commissioned from ICM, found more than half of those questioned thought Alex Salmond was doing a "good" or "very good" job.

But only 37% believed Mr Brown was performing well as UK prime minister.

Tory leader Mr Cameron fared even worse, with only 21% thinking he would make a good prime minister.

The poll of 1,010 people was carried out by ICM between 22 and 24 June to mark a decade of Scottish devolution.

When asked how good or bad a job of running Scotland they thought SNP leader Mr Salmond was doing as first minister, 12% said "very good", while 40% replied "good".


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A further 27% said he was neither good nor bad, while 12% opted for bad and 6% for very bad.

In comparison, 9% described the performance of Gordon Brown - himself a Scot - as very good and 28% as good, with 29% opting for neither good nor bad, 17% for bad and 16% saying he was doing a very bad job.

However, there was good news for Mr Brown when pollsters turned their attention to asking how good a prime minister David Cameron, the leader of the opposition at Westminster, would be.

A mere 3% responded very good, with 18% saying good and 33% neither good nor bad, while 20% thought he would be a bad prime minister, and 16% very bad.

Figures from the same poll, which were published on the BBC Scotland news website earlier this week, suggested the majority of people in Scotland backed extending the powers of the Scottish Parliament and wanted a referendum on whether Scotland should become independent from the UK.

But less than half actually supported the idea of independence, according to the poll.

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