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Campaigner takes on road cameras

Robbie the Pict
Robbie the Pict claims speed cameras are illegal

A Scots campaigner has launched his bid to have traffic light cameras declared illegal by the High Court in London.

Robbie the Pict, from Skye, claims the Gatsometer type 36(21) device is illegal as they were not formally approved by parliament.

His action follows a conviction for allegedly going through a red light in Nottingham in 2006.

Robbie the Pict, 61, has a separate case against speed cameras with the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh.

Previously, he successfully led a separate campaign to have tolls abolished on the Skye Bridge.

Prosecution costs

He allegedly drove through a red light on the A610 at Nuttall Island, Nottingham, in December 2006.

Later, he appeared at Nottingham Magistrates charged with an offence under the Road Traffic Act and was convicted and fined £80. He was also ordered to pay £200 in prosecution costs.

The prosecution claimed Robbie the Pict was travelling at 24mph when he passed through the red light 1.2 seconds after it was displayed.

He was captured on film by a Gatsometer type 36(21) traffic light camera.

The case is being heard at London's High Court, by Mr Justice Davis.

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