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Vets list top names given to pets

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The study showed the most popular names for dogs and cats

Max and Holly were the most popular names for dogs in Scotland over the past 10 years, a new study claims.

Charlie and Molly were the favourite choices for cats, according vets at the University of Glasgow.

They compiled the lists from faculty records and found traditional names have remained popular - with Ben, Sam, Lucy and Jake in the top 10 for dogs.

The cat top 10 also includes Jack, Oscar, Sam, Cleo, Sophie, Oliver, Jasper and Tigger.

The vet school has also treated pets with less common names.

'Small animals'

Cats called Harry Potter, and dogs called Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf and Taggart have been treated.

Others chose to name their animals after fashion brands or drinks, with dogs called Chanel, Gucci, Smirnoff and Moet.

Dr Ian Ramsey, director of the university's Small Animal Hospital, said: "At the vet school we have seen many thousands of animals over the years, but some names just kept coming up.

"So we thought it might be interesting, as well as a bit of fun, to keep a record of our patients' names.

"Although it was funny to visualise what a dog named Gandalph might look like, I think the name that sticks most in my mind was a dog called 'Wee Dog' which he was anything but.

"He was a Neopolitan Mastiff which is a huge dog."

The vet school treats patients from across Scotland.

In the past 10 years the vet school has treated 378 dogs called Max but just three called Pickle.

Researchers decided that providing the list to cover a 10-year period would give the most accurate picture.

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