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Salmond is Jolly for 'the Weans'


Salmond plays the Reverend I M Jolly

First Minister Alex Salmond has appeared on BBC Scotland's Children in Need in the guise of famous comic misanthrope the Reverend I M Jolly.

The dour minister created by the late Rikki Fulton was a popular fixture in the Hogmanay TV schedules with his catchphrase "Ah've had a helluva year".

Mr Salmond said his evangelical crusades went down well in Glasgow East - slightly less well in Glenrothes.

He said: "I preached 'Yes, we can', the people replied, 'Nah, we didnae'."

Addressing the nation from his armchair, the first minister said: "Dearly beloved fellow Scots - and Gordon Brown.

Rikki Fulton as the Rev I M Jolly
The Reverend I M Jolly was a character played by Rikki Fulton

"It is at times of great fiscal strain and hardship that we turn to the Bible for words of comfort and solace.

"Take Genesis: And God said 'Let there be sky - and those who can afford Sky can watch the best fitba'.

"And the Lord also said 'Let there be light' - but he changed his mind when the leccy bill came in."

Mr Salmond also poked fun at his predecessor as first minister, Jack McConnell.

The SNP leader said: "I'd also like to thank him for the present of fish he left for me in Bute House - under the floorboards.

"Moira and I had a great time too, replacing all the light bulbs he'd taken with him."

The first minister concluded his message: "Please dig deep, it's for the weans."

The final Children in Need total raised in Scotland was 1,751,780.

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