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Date with destiny for film festival

Scene from film
The film is based on event surrounding the taking of the Stone of Destiny

It has the classic ingredients for a film adventure - a daring raid, a group of young idealists and a story which has become a modern Scottish legend.

"Stone of Destiny," which premieres at Edinburgh's International Film Festival, is based on the the true story of the taking of the coronation stone of Scotland's Kings and Queens.

Four Glasgow students took the stone from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950, sparking an international search.

The film centres around the story of Ian Hamilton, played by Charlie Cox, who masterminded the plot.

It also stars Robert Carlyle, Peter Mullan and Billy Boyd.


More about the story behind the film

Mr Hamilton went on to become one of the country's leading QCs. The film is based on a book he wrote shortly after the events.

He said: "People always ask if I would do it again, and the answer is 'of course I would'.

"To do something in your twenties which provides material for a film in your eighties must indicate some sort of achievement."

Filming took place in Arbroath Abbey, at the Film City studio, formerly Govan Town Hall, and other locations in the Glasgow area.

Producer Rob Merilees said of the feature: "I would like audiences to come out of the theatre with a sense of joy and jubilance.

"It would be gratifying if audiences realised that individuals can make a difference and change the world without violence."

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