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Quiz time: Scottish Tories

How well do you know the Scottish Conservative Party? Try this multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which bird of prey did leader Annabel Goldie want to be Scotland's national symbol?

Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier and Red Kite
  1. Golden Eagle
  2. Hen Harrier
  3. Red Kite

2.) Multiple Choice Question

How many of Scotland's 16 Tory MSPs trained as solicitors?

Coat of arms
  1. Ten
  2. Seven
  3. Six

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Which past or present Scottish MP lamented the lack of party "thinkers" at Holyrood?

Peter Duncan, David Mundell and Malcolm Rifkind
  1. Peter Duncan
  2. David Mundell
  3. Malcolm Rifkind

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Tory MSP has a black belt in Tae Kwon-Do?

Taekwondo tournament
  1. Alex Johnstone
  2. Gavin Brown
  3. Jamie McGrigor

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Which female Tory MSP plays cricket?

Crciket players
  1. Elizabeth Smith
  2. Annabel Goldie
  3. Nanette Milne

6.) Multiple Choice Question

When did the Conservatives last gain more than 50% of the vote in a general election in Scotland?

Ballot box
  1. 1951
  2. 1955
  3. 1959

7.) Multiple Choice Question

How many Scottish Tory MSPs represent constituencies and how many are list members?

Holyrood chamber
  1. 13 list and four constituency
  2. 14 list and three constituency
  3. 12 list and five constituency

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Which university did Annabel Goldie attend?

  1. Glasgow
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Strathclyde

9.) Multiple Choice Question

When was the last by-election in Scotland to be caused by the death or resignation of a sitting Conservative MP?

polling place sign
  1. May, 1995
  2. July, 1994
  3. October, 1994

10.) Multiple Choice Question

The Tory Party lost its 10 Westminster seats at the 1997 General Election, but to which parties?

Malcolm Rifkind loses his seat in 1997
  1. Labour (7), SNP (3)
  2. Labour (8), SNP (1), Lib Dems (1)
  3. Labour (6), SNP (2), Lib Dems (2)


  1. Keen twitcher Annabel Goldie campaigned for the Golden Eagle to be made Scotland's national bird.
  2. The answer is six - John Lamont, Annabel Goldie, Murdo Fraser, Gavin Brown, David McLetchie and Margaret Mitchell.
  3. David Mundell made the remark last year in an internal party memo.
  4. It's Gavin Brown - he holds a black belt in the sport and is a former Scottish gold medallist.
  5. Elizabeth Smith is a keen sportswoman who has won seven caps with the Scottish Ladies’ Cricket XI.
  6. The answer is 1955.
  7. The answer is 13 list and four constituency MSPs. [Alex Fergusson was elected constituency MSP for Galloway and Upper Nithsdale but he resigned the party whip after becoming presiding officer in the new parliament.]
  8. The answer is Strathclyde.
  9. It was in May, 1995, that the Perth and Kinross by-election was held following the death of Sir Nicholas Fairbairn. The election was won by Roseanna Cunningham of the SNP.
  10. The answer is six to Labour, two to the SNP and two to the Lib Dems.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Read the BBC website Scottish politics page more

4 - 7 : You'll hold your own in a chat with Annabel Goldie

8 - 10 : You're a true Tory anorak


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