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March both 'wetter and sunnier'

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WWF Scotland wants a strong Scottish climate change bill

The month of March was the wettest for 14 years, according to environmental charity WWF Scotland.

Using Met Office data, the group has been charting Scotland's climate. March was also sunnier and slightly warmer than the long-term average, it said.

WWF Scotland also found February was more than 2C warmer than the long-term average, while January was 1C up.

Figures also show 2007 was the third warmest year in Scotland since records began in 1914.

'Biggest threat'

WWF Scotland said each month of 2008 so far had seen monthly rainfall which was "much greater" than the long-term average, consistent with predictions that Scotland's winters are set to become wetter as a result of climate change.

The last five years have been the five warmest recorded in this country.

The group's acting director, Dr Dan Barlow, said: "Climate change is the biggest threat we face and as a nation, Scotland has a real chance to lead the way in tackling it."

The Scottish Government consultation on its climate change bill is due to end later this month.

WWF Scotland is campaigning for statutory annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 3%.

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