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Quiz time: Scottish Labour
How well do you know Labour Party politics? Try this multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

1.) Multiple Choice Question

What was the first ministerial post held by Wendy Alexander?

Wendy Alexander
  1. Finance Minister
  2. Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Minister
  3. Communities Minister
  4. Health Minister

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which former Labour Party employee is now a senior SNP MSP?

Alex Neil, John Swinney, Mike Russell and Fergus Ewing
  1. Alex Neil
  2. John Swinney
  3. Mike Russell
  4. Fergus Ewing

3.) Multiple Choice Question

In which year did Keir Hardie's Mid-Lanark alliance officially become the Scottish Labour Party?

Keir Hardie
  1. 1875
  2. 1888
  3. 1907
  4. 1882

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What job did Jack McConnell do before becoming a politician?

Jack McConnell
  1. Arran farmer
  2. Journalist
  3. Maths teacher
  4. Economist

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Before becoming a Glasgow MP, which Scottish constituency was the late Donald Dewar first elected to?

Donald Dewar
  1. Paisley North
  2. Inverclyde
  3. Aberdeen South
  4. Aberdeen North

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Kilmarnock FC fan made guest appearances on Offside and Off the Ball while a Scottish minister?

Kilmarnock FC logo
  1. Cathy Jamieson
  2. Rhona Brankin
  3. Wendy Alexander
  4. Andy kerr

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Which current Labour MSP was a member of Jim Callaghan's election team in 1979?

Jim Callaghan
  1. Helen Eadie
  2. Margaret Curran
  3. Dave Stewart
  4. Malcolm Chisholm

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Which MSP is one of Cliff Richard's bigget fans?

Cliff Richard
  1. Elaine Smith
  2. Rhona Brankin
  3. Frank McAveety
  4. Karen Gillon

9.) Multiple Choice Question

How many current Labour MSPs also served as MPs at Westminster?

House of Commons chamber
  1. Three
  2. Four
  3. Five
  4. Six

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Which three Scottish MPs went to the same school?

classroom generic
  1. Katy Clark, John Robertson and Tom Harris
  2. John Reid, Michael Connerty and Tom Clarke
  3. John McFall, Gordon Banks and Anne Begg
  4. Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Nigel Griffiths


  1. Communities Minister
  2. Alex Neil [He was a party researcher in Keir Hardie House]
  3. 1888
  4. Maths teacher
  5. Aberdeen South
  6. Cathy Jamieson
  7. Helen Eadie
  8. Karen Gillon
  9. Three [Dave Stewart, Malcolm Chisholm and George Foulkes]
  10. John Reid, Michael Connerty and Tom Clarke all went to the same Coatbridge school

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