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Surveyors tone down survey fears
Properties for sale
RCIS Scotland had predicted a rush to sell properties
Surveyors in Scotland have toned down their comments about a "flood" of houses going on sale in the run-up to the introduction of single surveys.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors predicted that homeowners would rush to sell before the change comes into effect in December.

However, Scottish chairman Janey Milligan admitted no-one could predict what would happen to house values.

Earlier, she had warned of a glut in the market and a fall in house prices.

From 1 December, sellers in Scotland will have to pay for a home report, containing a survey, which will be made available to all buyers.

'Some change'

Mrs Milligan had predicted that the new system could cause major changes in the market, bringing a possible surge in properties for sale in the summer and autumn.

However, speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, Ms Milligan said: "We are not saying that they will absolutely plunge, and bring a rush of houses for sale.

"What we are saying is there is likely to be some change in the market, with some sellers perhaps being afraid of the changes that are coming into force on 1 December and electing to put their house on the market slightly earlier."

Currently, buyers commission their own survey for every property in which they are interested.

This can prove expensive if they do not secure their first choice home and have to look at a number of properties.

The home report will contain a single survey showing the condition of the property and a valuation, carried out by a chartered surveyor who is a member of RICS Scotland.

Sellers who market their home for sale before 1 December will not need to commission a report even if it is still for sale after that date, as long as it has been for sale continuously.

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