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Worst Scots film accents decided
Christopher Lambert
Owner of the least convincing on-screen Scottish accent
Scottish filmgoers have voted Christopher Lambert, in the film Highlander, as the owner of the least convincing Scottish on-screen accent.

The actor was a resounding winner with 42% of the vote.

Mel Gibson came in second place with 27%, for his portrayal of William Wallace in the film Braveheart.

Several people in the online survey voted for Sean Connery, but these were discounted as the actor is Scottish.

The survey of 1700 film-goers in Scotland was undertaken by a film memorabilia website,

Christopher Lambert - Connor MacLeod in Highlander
Mel Gibson - William Wallace in Braveheart
Robin Williams - Mrs Doubtfire
Jessica Lange - Mary MacGregor in Rob Roy
Michael Caine - Alan Breck in Kidnapped

The company's director, Jeremy Angel, said: "An American audience is typically unaware of just how wide of the mark many of these attempts at Scottish accents are.

"For some of our Scottish staff - and customers - these are source of irritation and amusement in equal measure. "

Highlander, released in 1986, was the saga of immortal Scotsman Connor Macleod, one of a race of immortals who could only die when beheaded with a sword.

Other nominees just shy of the top five included: Alec Guinness in Tunes Of Glory; Eric Stoltz in Rob Roy; Mike Myers in Shrek; Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park, and Robert Duvall in A Shot at Glory.

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