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Quiz time: Scottish Lib Dems
How well do you know the key players in the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party?

Try this multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which two Lib Dems have sat in both houses of parliament and Holyrood?

  1. David Steel and Jim Wallace
  2. Jim Wallace and Malcolm Bruce
  3. Robert Smith and David Steel

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Lib Dem MSP is often compared too the well known Dad's Army character, Captain Mainwaring?

Dads Army cast - Cpt Mainwaring front of pic
  1. Hugh O'Donnell
  2. Mike Rumbles
  3. Ross Finnie

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Lib Dem politician used to be Scotland's youngest councillor when elected at 22?

Scottish Lib Dem logo
  1. Jo Swinson
  2. John Thurso
  3. Nicol Stephen

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Lib Dem MSP is well known for his family's cheese making connections?

a variety of cheeses
  1. Margaret Smith
  2. Robert Brown
  3. Jamie Stone

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Which MSP is an army reservist?

generic soldier shot
  1. Jeremy Purvis
  2. Mike Rumbles
  3. John Farquhar Munro

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Lib Dem MP had a cabinet minister grandfather?

number 10 door
  1. John Thurso
  2. Charles Kennedy
  3. Alistair Carmichael

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Which former Lib Dem MSP used to be Scottish Pole Vault champion in his younger days?

pole vaulter - generic
  1. Jim Wallace
  2. David Steel
  3. Andrew Arbuckle

8.) Multiple Choice Question

The Lib Dems have had two former Scottish middle distance record holders among their ranks, name both of them?

runners in a stadium
  1. Jim Hume and Menzies Campbell
  2. Menzies Campbell and Jim Tolson
  3. Menzies Campbell and Donald Gorrie

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Who resigned as Holyrood's deputy parliament minister in March 2001?

Holyrood building
  1. Tavish Scott
  2. Jim Wallace
  3. Nicol Stephen

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Lib Dem politician knows how to do sign language?

man doing sign language
  1. Alison McInnes
  2. Malcolm Bruce
  3. Margaret Smith


  1. David Steel and Jim Wallace
  2. Ross Finnie
  3. Nicol Stephen
  4. Jamie Stone
  5. Mike Rumbles
  6. John Thurso
  7. Andrew Arbuckle
  8. Menzies Campbell and Donald Gorrie
  9. Tavish Scott
  10. Malcolm Bruce

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