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Crackdown on mobile phone drivers
Man driving while talking on mobile phone
Drivers can be fined 60 and given three points on their licence
Police have launched a nationwide crackdown on motorists who drive while using their mobile phones, a year after tougher penalties were introduced.

The Mobile Phone Day of Action will target motorists who continue to flout laws aimed at reducing road accidents.

Drivers can be fined 60 and given three points on their licence if they are found using a phone at the wheel.

It is the fourth such crackdown co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpos).

The campaigns have been run with the co-operation of all eight police forces in Scotland. Almost 500 people have been caught so far.

'Defies comprehension'

Police chiefs have voiced concern that motorists continue to make calls while driving.

Ch Supt Mike McCormick is in charge of road accident casualty reduction at Acpos.

He said: "It defies comprehension. So many motorists still think that they can get away with it after all the public information, days of action campaigns and media stories.

"Divert your call, not your attention. If you take your eyes of the road or are distracted even for a split second due to using your mobile phone, it could result in disastrous consequences."

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