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Assurances sought over rendition
A plane coming in to land
Rendition is the transportation of terror suspects for interrogation
Scotland's justice secretary is seeking assurances from the UK Government that American rendition flights have not landed on Scottish soil.

Kenny MacAskill said he would write to Foreign Secretary David Miliband after it emerged that flights had touched down in British territory.

The UK Government had previously said there was no evidence rendition flights had stopped on UK territory.

Mr MacAskill said the revelations had undermined public confidence.

On Thursday, David Miliband said he was "very sorry" that information given previously by ministers was incorrect.

The renditions - the transport of terror suspects around the world for interrogation - only came to light after a US records search, he said.

He told the House of Commons that on two occasions in 2002, American planes refuelled on the UK dependent territory of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean.

Mr MacAskill said people in Scotland were entitled to know if airports north of the border have also been used for rendition flights.

David Miliband
Mr Miliband said he was 'very sorry' about earlier statements

Prestwick Airport has been the subject of claims it has been used by the US to carry terrorist suspects to countries where torture is used.

Mr MacAskill said: "I think it is critical that we establish what evidence exists of rendition flights going through Scotland in order to satisfy public confidence that the principles of international law are being adhered to.

"This week's revelations do nothing but undermine public confidence in the assurances given so far - both in London and Washington.

"The people of Scotland are entitled to know if a Scottish airport has been used for these activities, and if it has for there to be an assurance that it will never happen again."

Meanwhile, a Nationalist MSP has branded previous assurances from the UK Government over rendition flights in Scotland as "worthless".

Jamie Hepburn, Central Scotland MSP, said: "The UK Government has spent years assuring people that no extraordinary rendition flights landed in Scotland, despite much evidence suggesting otherwise.

"In light of this week's announcement that flights did land on British territory those assurances are worthless.

"The UK Labour Government's credibility on this issue, what little it had, has been blown."

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