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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 16:29 GMT
Supermarket recalls Scots salmon
Morrisons advises customers to return salmon
Scottish salmon has been recalled by Morrisons supermarket following possible contamination with white spirit.

Almost 30 Scottish salmon products are subject to the recall, with only organic produce unaffected.

The Food Standards Agency said the white spirit taint could give the fish an unpleasant taste.

Morrisons has pulled salmon from its fresh fish counters and pre-packed chillers.

A statement from Morrisons said the salmon was being withdrawn as a precautionary measure.

It said: "All our fresh salmon is delivered daily and no other date codes are affected. No other Morrisons products are affected.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and assure customers of our continuing commitment to the highest standards of product safety and quality".

Full refund

A Food Standards Agency spokesman said the watchdog was told about the incident by Morrisons after the supermarket received about 50 customer complaints.

It is advising customers who have bought the products not to eat them but return them to stores for a full refund.

Various salmon and smoked salmon products with use-by dates of 10 to 13 February inclusive are subject to the recall.

Commenting on the risk posed by chemicals in the white spirit, the spokesman said consumer safety was not thought to be at risk.

He said the agency did not have enough information to conduct a formal risk assessment but added: "Based on the analyst's report supplied, the chemicals implicated in the problem are present at low levels which are very unlikely to be an acute risk to health and this therefore appears to be a problem of taint, which is a quality rather than a safety matter."

Only products with the use-by dates of 10, 11 and 12 February are affected.

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