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Last Updated: Friday, 1 February 2008, 18:35 GMT
Alexander 'should list' donations
Wendy Alexander
A donation to Ms Alexander's campaign is being investigated
Holyrood's standards watchdog has told Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander she needs to declare donations to her leadership campaign.

Labour said Dr Jim Dyer had advised Ms Alexander that gifts in excess of 520 needed to be declared at Holyrood.

All donations to her campaign were less than 1,000 which do not need published through the Electoral Commission.

However, the commission is currently investigating a 950 donation from a Jersey-based businessman.

Ms Alexander said parliament officials told her donations to her leadership campaign did not have to be recorded in her MSP register of interests.

We were told last night that the opinion's changed and therefore today we've moved to make public those donations
Wendy Alexander
Scottish Labour leader

But Standards Commissioner Dr Dyer has taken advice from a QC and has told the Labour leader all donations over 520 are classed as "gifts" and should have been declared.

Ms Alexander said she was now updating her register and has challenged MSPs from all parties who have stood in previous leadership contests to follow her example.

She told BBC Scotland: "We were told in November there was no need to report in parliament, we were told last night that the opinion's changed and therefore today we've moved to make public those donations.

"There's of course been a Tory, an SNP and a Liberal election in the last four years, there's never been any return made to the parliament before - I think the parliamentary authorities have looked at this again, said they want to change their minds, so I've moved immediately to reflect their wishes."

The 950 donation to support Ms Alexander's campaign from Paul Green broke electoral law because the Jersey-based businessman is not a registered UK voter.

'Failing leadership'

The Labour leader insisted she remained confident of being cleared of any "intentional" wrongdoing following the investigation into her campaign fund.

The Electoral Commission has said it would take "as long as is necessary" to come to any conclusions over the Alexander campaign donation from Mr Green.

The SNP's Roseanna Cunningham said Ms Alexander's position was becoming "more and more untenable".

"This is yet another blow and enormous embarrassment to Wendy Alexander's failing leadership," the Perth MSP said.

"She is already the subject of a protracted investigation by the Electoral Commission into dodgy donations and has admitted breaking the law in her leadership campaign.

"Her leadership is lurching from crisis to crisis and it's clear the vultures in the Labour party are circling."


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