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Alexander 'confident' of position
Wendy Alexander
Wendy Alexander has come under fresh pressure to go

Wendy Alexander has told BBC Scotland she remains confident of being cleared following an investigation into her campaign fund.

The Scottish Labour leader denied there would be a "domino" effect after Peter Hain's resignation from the UK Cabinet.

Ms Alexander's comments came as the Electoral Commission watchdog said it would "take as long as is necessary" to reach a decision.

Rival party leaders at Holyrood said her position was untenable.

Mr Hain resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary, saying he wanted to clear his name as the police investigate donations to his campaign to be Labour deputy leader.

We've seen a distasteful amount of political pressure being placed in the Electoral Commission
Wendy Alexander
Scottish Labour leader

First Minister Alex Salmond said: "The big fear in the Labour Party will be a kind of domino effect right through the whole variety of Labour politicians who are under investigation by the Electoral Commission at the present time.

"One of the reasons that Labour have been anxious to avoid resignations is that as soon as one happens, the obvious question is 'well, if Peter Hain has resigned, then why not a range of other people as well'."

Ms Alexander's campaign team has already admitted breaking the law by accepting 950 from Jersey-based businessman Paul Green.

She said the Electoral Commission must be allowed to complete its investigation into her case.

Peter Hain
Peter Hain said he resigned so he could clear his name

Ms Alexander told the BBC: "In Scotland, we've seen a distasteful amount of political pressure being placed in the Electoral Commission. They have a job to do, due process should be allowed to prevail."

She went on: "I said at the start of this I was confident that they would find no intentional wrongdoing on my part and I remain so."

In a statement, the Electoral Commission said its inquiry into the Alexander campaign donation was still continuing.

"Where necessary, the commission takes advice from other authorities, including prosecuting authorities," it read, adding: "The commission will take as long as is necessary to carry out its work in order to reach a proper decision in each case."

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen said Mr Hain's resignation left serious questions unanswered, adding: "The storm clouds are gathering for Labour."

Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative deputy leader, said Mr Hain's departure put huge pressure on Ms Alexander.

"If the Electoral Commission similarly involved the police in the Wendy Alexander case, it is difficult to see how she can do anything other than resign herself, if only to clear her name," he said.

Background to the Labour funding rows


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