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Last Updated: Sunday, 6 January 2008, 19:06 GMT
Search for missing man stood down
Davaar Island
Coastguard and lifeboat teams searched for Mr Bennett
Rescuers have again called off the search for a man missing off the Kintyre peninsula due to poor light.

Len Bennett, 70, had set out to travel on the short Dhorlin causeway from Davaar Island to Campbeltown.

His four-wheel-drive vehicle was found by rescue teams on Saturday but there has been no trace of Mr Bennett.

A rescue helicopter, police, coastguard and lifeboat teams have been involved in the search since he was reported missing on Friday evening.

The Land Rover vehicle was recovered from the water but Mr Bennett was not within the vehicle
Strathclyde Police

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police confirmed the alarm had been raised at about 1825 GMT on Friday. High tide had covered the causeway by 2100 GMT.

The spokesman added: "Len Bennett of the Light Keeper's House, Davaar Island, left home in his Land Rover motor vehicle in order to travel on the causeway between Davaar Island and Campbeltown mainland.

"When he did not return home a short time later his family raised the alarm. A full search of the water and surrounding land began.

"At around 0330 GMT this morning, the Land Rover vehicle was recovered from the water but Mr Bennett was not within the vehicle."

Davaar is a tiny island in the Kilbrannan Sound near Campbeltown. The island is deserted apart from two holiday cottages and a lighthouse.

It is linked to the mainland for just a few hours a day by the shingle causeway.

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