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Last Updated: Friday, 7 December 2007, 16:13 GMT
Gordon pledges to stay on as MSP
Charlie Gordon
Charlie Gordon said he would stay on as an MSP

The man at the centre of the Labour Party political donations row has said he plans to remain as an MSP.

Charlie Gordon said he would stay as the member for Glasgow Cathcart despite his role in the controversy.

He has admitted to blunders over a 950 donation from a businessman to the leadership campaign of Wendy Alexander.

Speculation was rife that Mr Gordon, who quit as Labour's transport spokesman last week, would stand down from the Scottish Parliament.

In a statement, he said: "I will deal with whatever arises from the Electoral Commission in due course.

"Meanwhile, I will stay on as Cathcart's MSP."

The donation from Jersey-based Paul Green broke the law on foreign donations.

'Claim innocence'

Mr Gordon said he had unwittingly told Ms Alexander's campaign team that the donation was in order.

But he had wrongly assumed the donation had come through a Glasgow company where Mr Green had a controlling interest.

SNP Glasgow MSP Sandra White said: "It is clear Charlie Gordon is not prepared to walk the plank for his Labour colleagues and certainly not to take the blame for Team Alexander's illegal actions.

"Wendy Alexander and her team have admitted accepting illegal donations.

"It is simply not credible for all of those involved in Wendy Alexander's campaign to claim innocence and keep their jobs.

"Labour must stop playing pass the parcel, accept responsibility and take action."


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