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Last Updated: Saturday, 1 December 2007, 17:15 GMT
SNP approves working with Tories
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The political landscape changed at the last election
The SNP's long-running ban on working with the Conservatives has been overturned at local government level.

The party's national council backed a proposal put forward by councillors which allows them to form coalition deals with other parties.

Co-operation with the Tories was banned during Margaret Thatcher's government.

The decision does not pave the way for a coalition deal at Holyrood, but allows the parties to work together in local authorities.

The SNP proposal does not mention the Conservatives specifically, but proposes co-operation with any group or individual, subject to approval from the party's national executive committee.

'Practical politics'

It comes after the introduction of proportional representation in the May council elections, meaning many authorities no longer have one party in overall control.

The move has been described by one SNP councillor as "practical politics".

The national council also backed an amendment which said "current party policy as it applies to parliamentary coalitions should not be changed".

An SNP spokesman said: "The motion as amended simply reflects the realities of Scottish local government post the introduction of the single transferable vote.

"It doesn't apply to national politics and the parliament, where we are absolutely delighted with the success of the minority SNP Government and we have no plans to change that."

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