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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 November 2007, 00:08 GMT
Commonwealth bid 'like election'
First Minister Alex Salmond briefs the media at Governor's House, Edinburgh, prior to his departure to Sri Lanka
Alex Salmond will be in Sri Lanka in the run up to the vote
Glasgow's bid to win the 2014 Commonwealth Games is being treated like the last week of an election campaign, the first minister has said.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) will choose either Glasgow or Abuja in Nigeria in a vote on Friday.

Alex Salmond said there were a "substantial number" of the voting delegates who were still undecided.

Mr Salmond and Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell will be in Sri Lanka to support the bid.

'Positive attitude'

The city has been seen as the favourite after a positive report from the CGF.

Mr Salmond said: "This is a real contest against a very strong competitor.

"We believe we will have support from a number of the African countries whose affinity with Scotland is great and whose positive attitude to Scotland is great."

He added: "We're treating this like an election campaign.

We're determined there will be no complacency during the last week of this campaign
Steven Purcell
Glasgow City Council leader

"The 71 voting delegates are our electorate and our approach to this is exactly as we would do in an election campaign.

"That electorate will be treated with infinite respect as the people who will decide the future of the games and make the decision."

Mr Purcell said: "There's 71 voters who will vote next Friday in a secret ballot and we're determined there will be no complacency during the last week of this campaign to win the hearts and minds of each and every voter to make sure we strike gold for Glasgow and Scotland."

As part of their preparations for Friday's ballot the Glasgow bid team have rehearsed their final presentation - which will stress Scotland's part in the "Commonwealth family".

It includes speeches from both Mr Salmond and Mr Purcell, as well as a number of films on what Glasgow and Scotland have to offer.

One of these films, outlining the appeal of Scotland, has been voiced over by Sir Sean Connery - who also sent personal letters of thanks to the Commonwealth delegates who visited Scotland over the summer.

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