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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2007, 12:33 GMT 13:33 UK
Exam results show large variation
Exam hall
The results remained roughly the same as previous years
Large variations in school exam results across different parts of Scotland have been revealed in official statistics.

The figures show 75% of fourth year pupils passed five Standard Grades at general level or above.

This ranges from just 65% in Dundee to 90% in Orkney. Overall, the Standard Grade pass rate dropped by 2% compared to the previous year.

The Higher pass rate remained the same, with 22% of fifth years passing at least three.

The Scottish Government said both Higher and Standard pass rates could rise after appeals.

The figures were revealed in an analysis of the Scottish Qualifications Authority exam results.

Overall, the results showed attainment levels broadly similar to previous years and girls continuing to perform better than boys.

Attainment levels

In East Dunbartonshire, 89% of pupils passed five Standard Grades at general level or above compared to its neighbouring authority Glasgow, where just 66% reached the benchmark.

Glasgow still remained the worst performing local authority for Higher results despite an improvement on last year.

The figures showed 14% of fifth year pupils in Scotland's biggest city passing at least three.

East Renfrewshire registered a drop to 41% but remained at the top.

Across Scotland, attainment levels in Advanced Highers were 12%.

The figures also showed girls performing better than boys at all levels and at all stages.

In the S5 and S6 years, this was said to be partly due to higher staying on rates for girls.

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