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Teachers call for school Army ban
Soldier with rifle
Teachers are worried about young people going to danger zones
Members of Scotland's largest teaching union have called for Army recruitment teams to be banned from visiting schools and colleges.

The EIS said it could seem like an endorsement of Army careers.

Colin Mackay, from the union's Edinburgh branch, said most teachers did not support careers where young people could be sent to danger zones.

The Army said it only went into schools where it was invited and said it never denied danger could be involved.

Mr Mackay said: "Clearly there is a risk that these youngsters could end up in Iraq or Afghanistan and that would give us concerns that we are endorsing, in a way, joining the armed forces.

We don't go into schools unless invited. We are not trying to hide anything
Army spokeswoman

"The truth is that most teachers are pacifists and we really are giving double standards by letting people come into schools who are going to encourage these youngsters to join the armed forces."

An Army spokeswoman said: "We don't go into schools unless invited. They invite us to careers fairs. We give an open presentation."

She said anyone who had watched a news bulletin over the past few years would have an idea of what was going on.

Conflict zones

"We are not trying to hide anything," she said.

The spokeswoman added that soldiers were not sent into conflict zones until they were 18. Youngsters could join at 16 but would be on a modern apprenticeship.

The issue will be debated at the annual conference of the EIS in Perth next week.

The full motion from the Edinburgh local association of EIS says: "That this AGM call for a ban on Army recruitment campaigns in all schools."

Further amendments could apply to colleges.

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