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In quotes: The Angelika Kluk case
Peter Tobin, 60, has been found guilty of the rape and murder of Polish student Angelika Kluk at a Glasgow church.

Here are a selection of key quotes from the six-week trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.


"Martin is a very nice man. It is a pity most nice men are already taken. He is not too old either, merely 40."

[A diary entry after Angelika had met Martin MacAskill]

"I do not know why Father Gerry is angry with me ... That moron treated me like the worst thief."

[Angelika expresses her feelings about Father Gerry Nugent in her diary]

"I wish I could be there to tuck you in... I wish I could give you chicken soup, not tea... I love you."

[Angelika's last text message sent to Mr MacAskill]


"She would not leave without notifying anyone and she doesn't do anything stupid, irresponsible or crazy."

"I would love you to remember her (Angelika) not only by the fact of being in the media but also remember her by her enthusiasm and courage and love of life, of discovery, basically everything, being curious, having faith in people, having faith in everyone."

"He's a psychopath, not a person."

[Aneta's response on a Polish community notice board to Tobin's arrest]

"She was worth much more than that."

[Aneta tells the court what she thought of her sister's relationship with Mr MacAskill]

"I asked him where was Angelika when he saw her."

[Aneta told the court about her conversation with Tobin when she was searching for her sister]

"It is outrageous and untrue."

[Aneta's response in court to Father Gerry Nugent's claims of a sexual relationship with Angelika]


"I loved her and I still do."

[Mr MacAskill tells the court about his feelings for Angelika]

"He was incandescent with rage."

[Mr MacAskill describes Father Gerry Nugent's reaction to his relationship with Angelika]

"I'm almost suicidal with worry."

[A message Mr MacAskill left on Angelika's phone when she went missing]


"I was full of admiration to her... She had a great vitality and desire to live and was good to talk to."

[Describing Angelika in court]

"I felt shame. I was disgusted at myself. I knew I was wrong and I wanted to make it right."

[Telling the court about his sexual relationship with Angelika.]

"I know nothing about the death or the circumstances of her death."


"We spoke for a minute or two then I left."

[What the sheriff told the police about when he dropped off Angelika in his car the night before she disappeared.]


"The Crown chose to pick bits of evidence and present them to you. The Crown are entitled to ignore vast swathes of evidence - as they did.

The fact is there is now clear evidence to entitle you to conclude that a man with an obsession for murder and a parish priest in the city of Glasgow were involved in the death of Angelika Kluk.

If someone had gone along to the producers of Taggart and said I have a script that involves a church, a girl from Poland, a priest, a handyman, all the cast of characters led in this case. Don't you think it is at least a possibility they would say 'Go away and come back with something people will believe, because they will not believe that'?"


"The evidence shows that Angelika Kluk was a victim of a terrible and sustained attack... The death she must have endured is beyond description."

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