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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 April 2007, 14:20 GMT 15:20 UK
Galloway on Scots campaign trail
George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan
George Galloway said he was loyal to Tommy Sheridan
Controversial MP George Galloway has taken to the Holyrood election campaign trail to back Tommy Sheridan.

However, he has not changed his opposition to independence, despite the policy winning backing from Mr Sheridan's Solidarity party.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Socialists announced a list of 100 trade union activists who were backing the party.

It came after Scottish Labour and the Scottish National Party released their own lists of business supporters.

Speaking in Edinburgh, Mr Galloway said the split in the Scottish political left between the SSP and Solidarity was "unfortunate".

But the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow claimed Solidarity would emerge as the main socialist torchbearer after the election.

'Fat cats'

He said: "Solidarity is the most capable, the most effective, the most credible of the Scottish left wing organisations.

"My principal loyalty is to Tommy. Blood is thicker than water and there's much blood between Tommy and me going back over many great battles over decades."

Mr Galloway, who was kicked out of the Labour Party four years ago over comments about Iraq, added: "If I can help him now I'm ready to walk from London to Scotland."

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament election, Mr Sheridan said: "We will be confident of securing the left wing vote in Scotland."

Colin Fox
Colin Fox said his party was on the side of the workers

Meanwhile, the SSP said local leaders and members of Unison, T&G, Amicus and the EIS had so far agreed to support the party.

Socialist leader Colin Fox said: "Traditionally the Tories were open about business bosses' backing, the Lib Dems were sneaky about it, but now both New Labour and New SNP are downright boastful about the backing of fat cats and millionaires."

He went on: "In contrast the Scottish Socialist Party welcomes the backing of trade union leaders, workplace reps, union branch organisers and other union activists who stand up for the vast majority of people in Scotland - the working class."

Mr Fox claimed the support showed that his party was on the side of workers.

He added: "There are more than 600,000 organised trade unionists in Scotland - and hundreds of thousands of workers in non-unionised workplaces - compared to a handful of millionaires.

"We know whose side we're on."

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