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Christianity is on party's agenda
Cross and candle
The Party said it wanted to appeal to a broad church
The Scottish Christian Party has claimed it has won support from both churchgoers and non-believers during its Holyrood election bid.

Its manifesto has placed Christianity at the centre of its agenda.

The party was only set up at the end of 2006, but decided to put up candidates in every region in Scotland.

Among its list of policies is a suggestion that jails could be constructed in developing countries for holding Scots criminals.

Leader Reverend George Hargreaves claimed voters had complained to him of a lack of moral fibre in Scotland, adding that it was time to "get back to God".

He said: "Righteousness exalts a nation and if we understand that, we'll understand that getting into a Godless situation that we have over the past 50 years in Scotland has led to rape, ruin, murder, chaos and there is another approach.

Rev Hargreaves
We're not talking left, we're not talking right - we're talking up
Rev George Hargreaves
Scottish Christian Party leader

"Let's turn back and be the land of the book, once again."

Rev Hargreaves claimed his party appealed to a broad church and had attracted Conservative, Labour and SNP people.

"The dichotomy of left and right - that is old school. We're not talking left, we're not talking right - we're talking up," he added.

On prisons, he insisted that the policy was not tantamount to sending prisoners back to the colonies.

"If a developing country wants to do this kind of business with us, that's fine," said Rev Hargreaves.

"We send our rubbish to China on ships. We have call centres in Delhi. The world is now much smaller than it was 200 years ago.

"I say - let's take our lemons and make lemonade for other people."

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