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BNP campaigns on 'local' ticket
Celebrations in Millwall, east London
Party members celebrate after winning council seats in England
The British National Party in Scotland says it believes local people should be given priority when it comes to housing, education and jobs.

The right-wing organisation is fielding candidates in the Holyrood election on 3 May.

Its Scottish organiser, Kenny Smith, said his party believed local people should always be put first.

He added that the party's aims were often misunderstood and that it did not discriminate on grounds of ethnicity.

The party has had electoral success in England, where it won its first council seat in 1993 when Derek Beackon triumphed in a by-election in the Millwall ward of Tower Hamlets in east London.

The BNP's leader is Nick Griffin and the party has a number of councillors in England.

When our own folk have been looked after then of course we can look after the rest of the world
Kenny Smith

However, the BNP has no councillors or MSPs in Scotland.

Mr Smith said it was wrong for "incomers" to come before local people.

He sited the example of families from the Congo being housed in North Lanarkshire.

Mr Smith claimed: "They have taken in 100 families from the Congo and housed them ahead of local people, we think local people should be first every time.

"We have sympathies, but asylum seekers should sign up to the nearest safest country and Scotland is a long way from the Congo.

'Ordinary people'

"We have hundreds and thousands of people in North Lanarkshire and the rest of Scotland are in need of housing, in need of good health care and jobs, they should be put first.

"When our own folk have been looked after then of course we can look after the rest of the world."

Mr Smith insisted that there were wealthier parts of Europe and the world which were better placed to look after "these people".

Out of the 32 candidates being fielded for the Holyrood election, the BNP has 17 based in Scotland. The rest are from England.

Mr Smith said: "They are British citizens and, after all, we are the British National Party. But we are a small party - that is why we are standing on just the lists.

"We are ordinary British people, ordinary Scottish people and by the next Holyrood elections we will have 32 Scottish-based candidates."

Kenny Smith speaks about the BNP campaign

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