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At-a-glance: Scottish Lib Dem manifesto
The Scottish Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for the Holyrood elections. Here are the main points of the plan.


  • Open 250 new and refurbished schools and bring in 1,000 new teachers to cut class sizes.
  • One hour of physical activity for every child every day.
  • Free playgroup places for two-year-olds.
  • Head teachers to have more powers to turn around poorly performing schools.
  • Give head teachers powers requiring parents to attend meetings to tackle problem pupils.
  • Primary one to primary three class size maximum of 25 pupils.
  • Raise the number of school-business partnerships to 10,000 by 2010.
  • Introduce a second language early in the primary curriculum.

  • Open schools at evenings and weekends to offer new activities.
  • A 22m Young Opportunity fund to support youth projects.
  • Lower the voting age to 16.
  • Give young people new rights through legislation and youth councils.
  • Scrap the graduate endowment and increase the young student bursary by 10%.


  • Lower business rates to 0.4p below the rest of the UK.
  • Replace council tax with a "fairer" local income tax based in the ability to pay.
  • Double value of the small business rate relief scheme by increasing the Scottish Executive contribution by 23m.
  • Support for small independent shops.
  • An innovation and investment agency with resources of 20m to deliver threefold increase in business research and development.
  • Grow Scottish tourism by half by 2015.
  • Cut red tape
  • Expand modern apprenticeship programme to 50,000.
  • Small town regeneration fund of 20m a year and the creation of three "wi-fi" towns.
  • New Scottish food and drink promotion body.
  • Land trusts to support more affordable housing.
  • Increase public sector use of local Scottish produce.
  • Support new entrants to farming.
  • Free the arts sector from "excessive" government interference.
  • 102m boost for grassroots sport.


  • 100% of electricity from renewable sources.
  • Cut energy demands by improving efficiency and invest in micro-generation and local power.
  • Increase recycling rates to 70% by 2020.
  • Cut carbon emissions with four year targets and annual reports to Parliament.


  • An extra 200 dentists so "everyone" has access to NHS dentists.
  • 100 new and refurbished local health centres.
  • Take on 2,000 extra nurses.
  • New waiting time guarantee and faster diagnosis.
  • Free fruit in primary schools and more cookery lessons.


  • 1,000 extra community police officers.
  • Tougher community sentences to make offenders work to repay their crimes and cut re-offending.
  • Knife crime crackdown, with seven-year maximum custody and community combined sentences.
  • Youth justice board and youth panels to cut youth crime.
  • Pilot "dual sentencing", where offenders return to court after a period in custody to have a community part set.
  • Licensing on the sale of airguns.
  • Double funding for drug and alcohol treatment.


  • High speed train between Glasgow and Edinburgh by 2020 and support for a high speed link to London.
  • Action to improve single carriageway routes and improve safety so that no child is killed on Scotland's roads.
  • Scrap Tay Bridge tolls and abolish charges for multi-occupancy vehicles across the Forth Road Bridge.
  • Replacement crossing for the Forth.
  • Improve resources to encourage cycling.
  • A "carbon balance sheet" to show the impact of transport policies and projects.


  • Double resources for Homestake to create 9,000 affordable homes each year.
  • Build support for the voluntary sector.

Scottish government

  • Support for more powers for the Scottish Parliament.
  • Commission to investigate division of power between central and local government.

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