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Saturday, 12 February, 2000, 14:27 GMT
Celtic: Your views

Barnes and Dalglish Barnes and Dalglish, pictured when they entered Parkhead

After Celtic's exit from the Scottish Cup at the hands of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, some fans want head coach John Barnes to be sacked. These are the views sent to News Online Scotland.

Celtic made a big mistake in taking on John Barnes, he was naive in telling the opposition how he was going to play.

At the same time he was sounding like Liam Brady. But the biggest problem Celtic have is they don't have a Roy Aitken who led by example and refused to accepted defeat.

As for a future manager my heart says King Kenny along with Danny McGrain.

But it must be someone who is strong on discipline and understand what Celtic is all about.

For the remainder of the session Kenny should clearout the Prima Donnas who are only interested in themselves and bring in some of the young lads from the reserves even if it means losing a few games but at least they're playing for the jersey.David Lincoln

John Barnes should never have been appointed simply because he had no experience before joining Celtic. Kenny Dalglish appointed him and therefore he is morally responsible for the present situation.

Golfing jokes aside, what does Dalglish actually do for his money?

I have been a Liverpool fan from their second division days under Bill Shankley, and it pained me to see Dalglish accept the credit for the wonderful successes which were largely due to Bob Paisley`s guiding hand - Bob retired three or four years too soon!

Also Kevin Keegan left Dalglish with an excellent team at Newcastle. Any fool could see that Dalglish merely had to tighten up the defence but look at the transfers to and from Newcastle he organised and more important look at the shape he left them in.

Will this guy ever accept responsibility for any of his mistakes? Brian Carlisle

It's not John Barnes that should be sacked. It should be the person who employed him to do the work while he played golf. DC

I am lifelong Newcastle United supporter and as such have suffered the bad old days under Kenny Dalglish and must say that the day he went to Celtic I felt sorry for them. A great footballer he may have been but trusted manager/director he is not.

At Newcastle he willingly rid the club of a great footballer in Ginola. A great player and crowd pleaser in Asprilla and other greats such as Ferdinand.

He then brought in what I would call 'old friends' of his in Ian Rush; John Barnes; Stuart Pearce all on high wages; all over the hill. He added a number of other cheap signings; one of these was his own son.

I could not believe the audacity of the man. He seemed more interested in looking after himself and his own rather than the best footballing interests of Newcastle United.

I fear he is doing the same at Celtic in a smaller kind of way (has he only brought in Barnes ?).

He failed at Newcastle and turned a highly entertaining team into a bunch of cloggers; from which we are only now beginning to recover.

He destroyed Liverpool (he inherited a great team and backroom staff), he then kept them good for a few years but then had the legendary 'bootroom' which was the preserve of the backroom staff (manager not allowed in) physically demolished; he took the team on a downward path then left.

He succeeded at Blackburn only because they were the days when money had a good chance of buying success and he had Shearer, Sutton and Flowers at their best. They were useless in Europe.

The discussion should not revolve around John Barnes it should be around Mr. Dalglish. I would guess that if John. Barnes left he would merely be replaced by another 'friend' of Mr. Dalglish.

Hope I'm wrong. but fear not! Steve Robertson

Celtic have seen a 33% fall in the value of shares over the last year leaving many fans out of pocket and wondering why they put the faith in the club.

Many will understand the risk they took but current team performance adds insult to injury.

There is no passion and no interest which demonstrates that the manager is not leading and motivating his players.

This is not new this season at Celtic and must not be allowed to continue. Paul Milligan

Sacking Barnes is a naive knee-jerk reaction to one less than ideal result. Surely the beauty of cup tournaments is to give the smaller teams a chance at winning trophies.

The last thing Celtic need at the moment is another personnel upheaval. They seem to be looking for a new manager every year or so.

As a 25-year-old Rangers fan, I only have memory of four managers at Ibrox during my lifetime.

What the Celtic set up has lacked in recent years is stability - in the management team, in the boardroom - and even now amongst the squad.

Despite this, fans and those behind the scenes at Celtic, seem to be of the view that Celtic is an attractive employer for a high-profile professional manager!

Yet - things don't go their way, and there's another bench clear-out and they start all over again, expecting success to fall into their lap overnight.

It would be much more to Celtic's credit and benefit to stick with Barnes, but push Dalglish or another experienced manager into a much more hands-on role.

Rumour has it that Dalglish's response to Celtic's 4-2 defeat by Rangers was, "I'm glad - maybe now he'll change the tactics". Sorry Kenny - thought that was your department! Jill Dykes

The real problem Celtic (and Rangers) face is the fact that the old firm are killing the game in Scotland.

They belong in a European League where they have the resources to compete at the highest level. What they are being denied (especially Celtic), is the opportunity of a regular game at that level.

How can a club that size get motivated when they are playing third rate opposition every week?

It is only through experience that a team can expect to achieve real success. There are no challenges left for them in the Scottish league.

Best for them to get out, expand the SPL. This would give the other teams a chance to breathe, develop and have a realistic chance of winning and growing.

I believe this is the last straw for Celtic. There are two sleeping giants in Glasgow and many others across Europe.

Nobody wants to see an Atlantic League but as many teams as possible should get behind Celtic and fight for a fair road for all into a European competition.

There is no reason why Celtic could not beat Manchester United or Rangers beat Real Madrid, they have the resources and the fan base.

But it will never happen until they play at that level week in week out and take a beating for a few seasons. Derek Crolla, New York

It does not matter what Celtic do, they cannot match up to Rangers so they might as well keep finishing second because they cannot compete with Rangers' money. P. Watt

It looked as if the Dons would have Celtic in the next round of both cups.

Hopefully now we'll have Killie as well as Caley Thistle! Jamie Harrold, UK

The main problem for Celtic is not Barnes, Dalglish or Inverness Caley - it's the state of Scottish football.

Rangers may be 10 points clear in the league, but Celtic are still another 10 clear of the next team.

In any other league, they'd be doing nicely, but because their only real competition is Rangers, they talk like they're bottom of the table.

This is bound to lead to a miserable attitude in the dressing room and the alleged half-time bust-up with Viduka et al.

It's time both Rangers and Celtic stopped looking at each other and started going further afield (e.g. the proposed new Atlantic league) if they want decent competition.

Otherwise Celtic will just end up in a vicious circle of recrimination and failure. Richard Hughson

Surely I am not hearing this correctly. A manager is under pressure to resign because his team is second in the league!

I don't see anyone gunning for David O'Leary's head! Upsets do happen, and no-one can deny that Caley are a team on the up.

John Barnes has had less than a season to raise the fortunes of Celtic. He deserves a decent run at it.

If managers we're forced to leave whenever they came under pressure, Man Utd would be without Fergie, and probably without the treble. Justin Berry, London

Just like to say congratulations to the Sun for the greatest headline ever: "Super Caley go ballistic... Celtic are atrocious!"

Whoever thought up that one should have a season ticket at Ibrox for life! Stephan Miller

I'm a West Brom fan so I understand entirely the way some of the Celtic fans must be feeling right now.

However as a West Brom fan I would have to advise against storming the gates and conducting a witch hunt. At the Hawthorns we go through managers like a branch of McDonalds and we've had more coaches than National Express, and at the end of the day it won't make any difference.

It's a fact that Caley must have played out of their skin the other night, play that match 10 times over and Celtic will probably murder them 10 out of 10.

The cup however produces these freak results more often than we think, but when it happens to our team it's a disaster.

If Rangers had been beaten by lowly opposition the green and white half of Glasgow would be rolling around laughing in the streets, and telling Rangers fans not to worry and that these things happen.

A few years ago my team (WBA in case you'd forgotten) got beaten by Woking, 4-2 was the score on our own pitch.

The manager sacked was Brian Talbot, humiliation all round, stick from the Wolves fans (our deadly enemies) and coverage on the national news.

We sacked our manager who had been there around 12 months and employed another dead head. and were promptly relegated out of Division 2 (old).

I would hate to see Celtic (my Scottish team by the way) go the same way as the Baggies and change managers every eight months because of a couple of bad games, John Barnes is still new to all this and he probably should get some better advice from Kenny, but it will pick up and the glory days are coming back to Celtic.

Shame they're not coming back to West Brom but you can't have everything. Steve Slaven

With out doubt, Barnes should go along with Dalglish. They are over paid under achievers.

What has Dalglish done? Blackburn, won the league by default, Liverpool, Quit, Newcastle, Quit, Dalglish will blame Barnes, but in fact they are both as bad as each other.

Great Celtic player's still alive and those passed away, would cringe, looking at this club today, and those loyal ( too loyal) fan's how much more of this rubbish do they have to endure.

As I life long Celtic fan, I'm sick to the pit of my stomach, get rid of them all, the quicker the better Moore

Clearly once again Celtic are again found wanting, the defence was a total shambles, Olivier Tebily well what can you say he cannot even defend goal side, Riseth showed the Caley player onto his strong foot for the first goal, the second was unfortunate for Lubo, Blinker enough said. Don't hold your breath for Lubo & Viduka to be there next season .

As for a new Manager who is there back to Wim, Martin O'Neil or splash the cash and get Van Gall or someone of that ilke. To late for Bobby Robson . Phil Smith, East Kilbride

I have to admit that I feel sorry for this man, after 7 months in charge he still has no idea of the size of the club, Kenny Dalglish has not been around much to tell him, most of the players are foreign and are only finding out for themselves. Inverness Caley on the other hand knew just how big Celtic are and proved so last night by making this game their cup final.

Let's keep Kenny out of this, he is only doing what most of the players are doing and that is taking the money and hiding, its that simple, if the players walk onto the park underachieve and get away with it then so should Kenny. Peter Craw

Barnes should quit!

I mean how selfish is he being for staying when we could get someone in to replace him that could be a lot better. If he doesn't get the sack and he doesn't resign then Celtic are going to get worse and worse and its all because Barnes is to selfish to put the team first and not his pocket!! K.B

I think that John Barnes should be sacked asap! He has done nothing but give us the worst result ever in Celtic's history. Katie

Isn't this what it's all about; the Scottish Cup?

To be honest, I was listening to Hugh Keevins conduct a phone in on Clyde this morning, which definitely had overtones of malicious intent.

The media have been psche'd up for this now for some time but all or any kind of journalistic integrity has gone out the window - at least it has on Radio Clyde.

One listener phoned up to say he thought there must have been another Ibrox or Hysel disaster at Parkhead with all the fuss but was relieved to discover that all that had happened was Celtic lost a cup tie (in an increasingly irrelevant competition) given their ambition to play in a European league.

So what? It happens.

John Barnes must feel as popular as Cliff Barnes at the moment. What should be an embarrassment is turning into the equivalent of the hounding of a war criminal with all the hysterical hyperbole the media can fling at it.

As someone else pointed out on this page, the so called "best" supporters are now the clubs biggest problem.

Every time things don't work out just perfectly, heads must roll. Having got the taste for blood when the Kelly dynasty was deposed ( quite rightly) they have a real thirst for it.

This is mob rule and it will destroy Celtic.

For the likes of Mr Keevins to cast himself as ringleader in a Kangaroo court is much greater mischief making than anything us huns could dream up against our other half.

What on earth Radio Clyde were thinking about is even more staggering. Yes, the fans have an opinion, but it's frequently ill informed permanent ingratitude. McCann saved the club, built a new stadium and delivered their first league title in ten years.

When he unravelled the flag at the start of the next season they all booed.

Quite frankly, they have got what they deserve: the mediocrity of constant change and chaos.

For the likes of Mr Keevins to encourage the footballing equivalent of the storming of the Winter Palace is just disgraceful and I hope public pressure for his removal from Radio Clyde grows. Jim Craig got booted from Radio Scotland for attending anti board meetings - Keevins has lost all sense of proportion and journalistic impartiality. It is he who should be sacked. Henri Hannah

yip, I'm afraid Mr Barnes has to go Dalglish, in the view tonight said he wasn't here to improve his golf were was he yesterday, down south PLAYING GOLF Chris, Central

As an Aberdeen fan, I'm still laughing. Andrew Buchanan, New Jersey


Maybe now, with the season in ruins is a good time to start afresh. John Barnes was always a high risk proposition.

Celtic need and deserve a 'big name' manager to steer them through the months ahead and to introduce some stability and re-introduce some flair and attacking spirit.

Difficult to see exactly where we go from here, but most people, I think, would be happier if Barnes was not at the tiller. Peter Morrison

I see the usual hysteria was in abundance tonight at Queen Margaret Drive.

On the 6.30 news it was flags at half mast and black armbands all round due to the fact that an "old firm" team had the misfortune to be beaten.

The over-the-top reporting of this story would have been bad enough, but the fact that the funerals had taken place of those fishermen from the Solway Harvester did not seem to affect your priorities.

Time to get a grasp on reality BBC Scotland and act like a professional news team. Robin Gilmour

As an observer of Scottish football but essentially a rugby supporter, I was interested to see the reaction of Celtic supporters to the pathetic performance of their team of overpriced mercenaries last night.

The performance of the Scottish rugby team against Italy was no less abysmal but, other than a little press criticism, the cosy management team carry on as if nothing had happened.

Saturdays display was the worst I have seen in over forty years of watching Scotland and perhaps the Scottish support should take to the streets like their Celtic counterparts to achieve the necessary change in the system. Alan Kemp

It's the fans that are the problem at Celtic. They can't stick with a team. Look at the stick Wim Jansen got at first and then Dr. Venglos.

No wonder they got away pdq. Give the manager a break, bhoys. This could happen to any big team - it's called football and that's why it's such a great game. R. O'Donnell, Kilmarnock

My mail is not so much about the tragedy of the best fans in Britain with the best club stadium in Britain having a rookie manager and generally rubbish team as they are about the news coverage of this. The supposed "biggest shock" ever in Scottish football somehow overrules the shaming of Rangers a couple of years ago by Brechin city.

And I ask you if it were Rangers who had been put out similarly would the BBC or any other part of the media for that matter put the boot in quite so much.

I think the BBC with it's red white and blue background (in the Sportscene studio) should think seriously about it's position.

The way that Celtic were playing was remarkable. It was as if they should be in mid 2nd division and Caley should be 2nd in the SPL!

The build up to Caleys 3rd goal was sheer class. They were just taking the mickey out of Celtic. Ross Murray

Once again Celtic supporters, of which I am one, are guilty of reacting rather than thinking. John Barnes should never have been offered the Celtic job but he did.

He has made mistakes but every manager of every club makes mistakes.

If we sack him now then we will be left once again facing the prospect of a new manager coming in and turning the club upside down trying to impose his style of management.

The problem Barnes faces is that Celtic should be five years down the line of improvement rather than seemingly starting over again at the start of this season.

Rangers are far ahead of us and although it is inevitable that we will look at them with envy we shouldn't forget that Rangers have been heavily investing in their football team for well over 10 years.

Eventually they got a manager with a true pedigree and reputation and only now are they on the verge of achieving something in Europe.

Wim Jansen did win the league for Celtic (it was not thrown away by Rangers despite previous suggestions) but he is gone, as has Burns and Dr Jo, Celtic fans must try to stop living in the past and look to the future.

Our past is a proud past and we must never forget the achievements of our team but it is tomorrow and the years ahead which we should concern ourselves with.

Be patient and things will improve. Players not up to the job will be let go and quality will come in but these things take time. Scot D McManus

There is really only one thing to say to meejya types demanding comments from "Celtic supporters" and that is "No Comment.

Go and get the beef from the Club. I just wonder how many closet Huns you've got posting here as Celtic fans - quite a few from the rubbish I've read.

Season book holder, shareholder and , yes - I WAS there last night - unfortunately. Kevin Tole

Well - it's becoming ever more obvious that:

  • John Barnes seems to be tactically naive
  • "King Kenny" seems to be no help at all when it comes to advice.
  • The squad are not a happy bunch of players.

From having seen Celtic play a few times, it seems obvious that the players are just not up to the job.

There are too many players who seem happy to turn up, and receive what is a damn good wage, only to under-perform every week.

There are others who claim to be 'international class', but just don't seem to enjoy playing for Celtic. (As a hint: the name may well begin with 'E', and end with 'yal berkovic'!).

This defeat by Caley is not the beginning of the malaise.

There were danger signs at the weekend that this might happen, when Celtic squandered a two goal lead, with barely a whimper. To be fair: there have been problems for months.

Yet: if Celtic beat Aberdeen 6-0, then that suddenly makes things ok. I think not.

I've got to be honest - the defeat did cheer me up. However - it IS time that Celtic took stock, and gave the underperforming players a kick, and clear out the players who, clearly, are not old-firm class.

I'm thinking here of players such as:

  • Mahe
  • Tebily
  • Boyd
  • Petrov
  • Johnson
  • Blinker
All of these players are guilty of earning a high wage, but not being good enough!

One more thing: perhaps Kenny Dalglish should spend more time in the office, than on the golf course. He may even care to reveal what he's actually paid to do!

In any case: I'm a Rangers fan - but even I can recognise that the loyal Celtic fans are being scandalously under-rewarded for their patience. Luke Campbell

So Celtic lost! Get real fans, it can happen! It's only one game, there's always next year.

Get over it folks. The British media are making this out to be the end of the world, this is a sport we are talking about not world peace! Anne Craig, Brampton, Ontario Canada

The fiasco which has engulfed the Celtic dressing room transmitted itself onto the field last night with disastrous consequences.

John Barnes must clearly shoulder some of the responsibility, but overall Kenny Dalglish must carry the can.

This is the man who has caused chaos at all four clubs where he has honoured his presence.

Apparently he was in the south of Spain last night watching a youth tournament, but it cannot be just coincidence that this area of Spain has some of the best golf courses to be found, in Europe, during winter.

The coaching staff have clearly lost the confidence of the playing staff.

This was evident earlier in the season when home defeats by Motherwell and Olympique Lyon were up among the worst defeats of all time on the domestic and European arena.

It is easy to argue that the number of unacceptable performances, this season, easily outweighs the number of acceptable.

The entire coaching staff should shoulder the blame and pay the ultimate price.

The players do not come out of this with a great deal of credit either.

Many of them are clearly not good enough and allied to this they do not appear to have the stomach for a fight.

There is only a few who pass with any credit.

This leads to the question of who should replace the incompetents.

Given Celtic's recent trouble of attracting a coach commensurate with the job, there can only be one candidate - Wim Jansen.

He should be asked to take this poisoned chalice, clear out the present playing staff and given sufficient funds to find quality players.

If the change is made now at least he will have a chance of turning round our fortunes and 'hit the ground running' next season. For this season is clearly now a 'write off'. Edward McGuire, Giffnock

I think everyone is being too hard on John. For instance Celtic are doing well this year - 2nd in the league, still in one cup and they've only lost to Rangers once this season.

The Celtic fans have too high an opinion of their team - they should just be happy to still have a chance of winning one cup and playing second fiddle to Rangers.

The glory days have long gone and they should be grateful to Fergus that they are still in existence.

If they want to get on in domestic competitions they have to learn to beat teams in red, white and blue - just wait until Falkirk come up next season, then they'll know all about it. David John Scott

Unfortunately, Barnes will only be judged on performance relative to Rangers. Fair play to Caley, they deserved their victory, but this result must be viewed as what it was, a freak result.

As has been reported recently, Celtic are several points better off than at the same stage in any of the previous seasons.

If it were not for the phenomenal success of the Advocaat-inspired 'Gers, Celtic would be sitting on top of the pile.

To call for Barnes to be replaced by Wim Jansen without being given a real opportunity to prove his worth is foolish.

And let's not forget, Jansen only won the title because of a late collapse by a dying Rangers squad, he was not the genius portrayed by a section of the Celtic support. Alistair Duncan, Glasgow

Firstly, well done to ICT for an excellent result, let's not take the credit away from what was clearly THEIR night.

Secondly, so many of the comments so far relate to Celtic fans stating their desire to leave the Scottish league and play in Europe.

Quite a joke obviously, given last night's scoreline and recent performances in Europe.

Cloud cuckoo land, I'm afraid guys. You have no god-given right to win everything, as many of you seem to think. Craig, Hong Kong

The Celtic team has displayed a real lack of leadership over the past few weeks and it is all too apparent that some of the players have no respect for their manager.

However these guys are being paid a fortune to display their skills as a team on and off the football field and to do what they are told not huffing like big Jessies when they go one down to a perfectly good goal by a lower division side.

They should do what their manager tells them and shut up about it. Well done Caley Thistle! DerekSpencer

We need a BIG clear out NOW, and an injection of a lot of money in time for next season.

Don't give it to Dalglish and Barnes, though. They have spent a lot of money on rubbish so far.

Next we will buy David Weir and have a back three of Weir Tebily Scheidt. Gerard Sundstrem

What a load of absolute embarrassing rubbish was played by Celtic last night.

Does Alan McDonald really support Celtic? If so he's got a funny way of showing it.

As for Ian Wright he is so WRONG. Bring back Wim Jansen and bring him back now. Ann Breslin

Are we going to get the usual heart-breaking stories of how the "referee was to blame cos he is a Rangers mad Masonic Orangeman?"

Already we have some of the Paranoid Brigade linking it to Hugh Dallas!

If the rest of Scottish football have to suffer this every time Celtic are beaten and I don't just mean the other teams, is it not time for them to move to England, or Ireland! James Wilson

I get the distinct impression that the players have lost interest in playing for John Barnes and his staff.

Although this a highly unprofessional attitude from the players, it only highlights the problems Barnes has created.

I can understand the signing of Ian Wright, but given his performances, on and off the park, why is he still at Celtic, and why not give Mark Burchill the opportunity he surely deserves.

Barnes' signings are also disappointing, where the players signed appear to be weaker than those replaced.

If Petrov is the future of Bulgarian football, then they will have a hard time ahead.

I don't think knee-jerk reactions will help, but surely Kenny Dalglish needs to take a more prominent role in the running of the side, otherwise Viduka may be the first of the few worthwhile players out of the club. Paul Milne, UK

Working here in the States, I told a fellow ex-pat "Caley Thistle just beat Celtic 3 -1".

He asked "WHO?". I replied "Celtic, remember?" Nuff said. Jim McFadyen

Same old story again. Poor management at every level of Celtic.

At director level, they hide behind the failures of the manager and make him the scapegoat, even though they appointed him.

A serious traditional failure of directors is that they consider a club to be a nice local attraction, but football is now a large international business and Celtic should be run as one.

Then there's the appointment of John Barnes. He appears to be a poor man manager and has made some dubious buys in the process.

Many of the players are second rate ex-internationals or current international reserves.

Bring in a manager with a renowned pedigree and pay him the salary he demands.

After all their salaries are still small in comparison to players salaries and it could mean the difference of being three years in the doldrums or being successful.

He will also require of course funds for transfers and no interruption from upstairs. The successful teams are organised this way. Colm Phelan

Inverness deserve far more credit than they're getting for this result.

I hope this success leads to the growth of a large club which people from the Highlands and islands at large can proudly follow in significant numbers. Neil Smith, California

Well done Caley, they deserve it after a great performance. They showed the kind of passion and pride that Celtic have been missing most of the season.

As a Bhoys supporter I enjoyed some of the early season flair but it was all based on Larsson and the new system for Berkovic. No team can run like that especially when playing in Europe too.

Back to the drawing board and use the players we have to create a decent attacking side that the Celts tradition demands.

Yet again the Parkhead faithful turn on their own. Barnes may be inexperienced but I say keep him on at least till the end of the season; Alex Ferguson had all the same problems in the early years at Man Utd.

He took four years to win anything. If JB can achieve the impossible, overhaul the Huns and win the league, great, otherwise we see whether the new manager is the best way forward.

What new manager could overturn 10 points anyway ? The boo bhoys have no idea of the realistic demands of management and anyway, Wim Jansen will never come back and neither will Tommy Docherty.

It's time for all Celts to band together; the team to earn their high wages; Barnes to show his leadership capabilities, Dalgleish to get his hands dirty on the training ground; the board to stop squabbling and then, only then will we put Rangers back down where they belong. Carl Tams

How many times do we Celtic supporters have to go through this? The club has had no stability at all in the last 10 years, which has made it far easier for Rangers to dominate with what have been, let's face it, very ordinary teams (what have they done in Europe?).

Given this situation, bringing in a trainee, inexperienced manager this season as an 'experiment' was absolute madness.

What we needed, and still need, is an experienced coach to steady the ship and build solid foundations for the future - along the lines of what Bobby Robson is doing at Newcastle.

But it can't all be blamed on Barnes - there are far too many players at Parkhead who have absolutely no commitment and no idea of what it means to play for a club such as Celtic.

In 30 years as a supporter I can't remember seeing a Celtic team with so little backbone and passion.

Some of our players are on 20,000 to 30,000 a week, yet the Caley keeper apparently is getting 35 quid a game. Who showed the greater commitment last night?

Celtic fans have seen this coming for some time now, the warning signs have been there.

Time for Barnes and the deadwood players to clear out and for the board to make a sensible decision for a change and bring in an experienced coach with pedigree. Barry Flanigan

Well done Inverness. As their lone supporter in Kota Kinabalu in the State of Sabah, East Malaysia, it was great to hear - on CNN of all places - that mighty Celtic were humbled by the Northern minnows! Donald M Macleod

Although Celtic are not half the side the press would like to delude us in to thinking they are (Bobby Petta ,Ian Wright, Olivier Tebily being not the kind of signing a top class side would dream of courting) a tremendous amount of credit must go to an Inverness side who showed ability and determination no-one credited them with. Denis O'Hara, London

Celtic made a mistake appointing Barnes as head coach. Now it must be corrected. John McGhie

I think it is time the current Celtic squad began playing like a team instead of a collection of self-styled, ego-maniacs.

The game at present lacks intelligence, panache, flair and excitement. No single player is greater than a team.

It is important that our foreign imports, both on the playing and managerial staff appreciate just how significant the traditions, values and history of a giant like Celtic really are.

Full congratulations to Inverness who had the desire and commitment to win. Helen Becker

Couldn't happen to a better team. Well done Caley. John P. Hodge

I had great hopes for John Barnes under the auspices of King Kenny, but I don't see how he can survive this one.

I'm not a natural Boo-Bhoy but this is the most embarrassing result in the club's post-war history and it requires a sacrificial lamb.

Anything less will simply serve to underestimate the magnitude of this disaster and its significance to the club and its support.

The fact is that the godlike genius of Larsson disguised a palpable lack of quality in the squad. All the play went through him.

His injury has turned Celtic into an unimaginative, one-dimensional team of journeymen who would struggle in the first division, never mind the SPL.

Something has to give - and it has to be the coach. Meanwhile, I'll be cheering the Caley Jags for the Cup. Rory, London

The club in recent weeks, from the very top, has been nothing but an embarrassment to the genuine supporters of this once great football institution.

Alan McDonald has either been ill-advised or very foolish in his choice to speak out against Hugh Dallas and indeed, in the manner he did, deserves to have the senior authorities come down on him hard.

What type of example is he setting to his employees when he sees himself as being above the law. Hugh Dallas did not cost Celtic the league title last season, the team managed that all by themselves and he would do well to acknowledge that fact.

Saturday's game against Hearts showed the depth of the Celtic squad to be wanting. To throw away a two goal lead at home when you are considered to be a title contender is unacceptable.

In the last 10 years, Celtic have appointed inexperienced managers in the form of Liam Brady, Lou Macari and Tommy Burns.

None of them delivered the league title yet Celtic choose to appoint another in the shape of John Barnes who has the unenviable task of wrestling the title away from Ibrox where they have a head start and a highly experienced effective coach.

It is difficult to see where this great club of ours will now go in light of recent events. Kenny Dalglish should be allowed to go back to Rangers who briefly employed him recently only for him to leave them on a whim when something better came along.

Mr McDonald should shape up or ship out and leave the job to someone who has the business ability AND football acumen to come in and take the reins.

This would allow John Barnes to go and cut his managerial teeth in a more appropriate environment than the one he currently occupies.

What other club of Celtic stature would allow an inexperienced man at the helm at the very start of his managerial career? None. Damian Glancy

Stop beating about the bush, Barnes should go now (he should never have been appointed ) along with Dalglish and bring back Wim Jansen, the best manager Celtic have had since Jock Stein. Ross Convery

Reinstate Wim Jansen immediately. Sack Barnes, Give Dalglish one more year.

Sell Berkovic, Petta, Ptrov, Blinker, Tebily, Riseth and Mjallby. Scott Crawford

If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs...

I seem to remember the same screams from the rooftops for Alex Ferguson's head; they held firm and the rest as they say is history.

The fault for all of Celtic's troubles lies with the present and recent past management.

They had a management team of Jansen and McLeod which had delivered a team good enough to challenge and beat Rangers, but as ever senior management's egos got in the way and they were dismissed.

There are too many people at Celtic who think they are bigger than the club, they are not and never will be. Gerry Boyce

I don't think John Barnes should be sacked. His problem is inexperience in management. Celtic's problem is not choosing the right experience of manager, and then keeping on changing managers.

Barnes needs to be given a chance. No manager gets it right in the first season. What has happened recently has been a result of his inexperience.

He shouldn't be getting that at a big club first, but now he's at Parkhead - if we go through the chaos of another manager the club will never be settled.

Though I want to see Celtic win the championship, Celtic have slipped so much in the past 10 years - do you seriously think that one coach must get it right in one?

There needs to be patience, not panic. D. Rice

Good on you Caley. As a die-hard Celt from Inverness I'm glad Caley did what they did not only does it put more pressure on Barnes to leave but thrusts a very successful team (Caley) into the limelight.

Considering how long they've been formed. Their rise along with Livingston has been quite outstanding. Craig Stewart

Clear the decks of all excess baggage. Bring in some players with heart and soul, people who have passion for the club and the supporters who pay their wages.

Sack John Barnes and send Kenny Dalglish back to Blackburn. Billy Morris

What on earth were Celtic thinking of? Why did they put a an untried manager in charge of one of the top clubs in the UK?

John Barnes was a good player but has never shown any signs of leadership, organisational or strategic football intelligence on the field, that would suggest he would make a good manager off the field.

Presumably he came cheap and took the attention of Kenny. Barnes is not to blame any one would have taken the same opportunity handed to them on a silver platter.

It is the board who should examine its own position. PRB

We all saw what John Barnes could do as a player at Watford but most importantly Liverpool. He has only been at Celtic about three months.

How can a manager's performance be gauged after such a short period time. If he can put his experience from his days on the pitch into practice off the pitch Celtic could be a successful club in the future.

Rome wasn't built in a day but it seems like Scottish football is adopting the ridiculous cut throat ways of Italian and Spanish football.

Don't forget there are 11 players on the pitch as well!

Give Barnsey a chance until at least the end of the season. Barry Jones, Dublin

Why are Celtic shocked? They are already a second rate team and have been for a while, so to lose to third rate football isn't too big of a leap downwards.

The illusion of greatness is the hardest pill to swallow. Celtic once were a local community club, now they're caught up in the current vogue of internationalism.

Hiring 11 boys from Glasgow would probably produce better results, because as they say in football: "Would you die for the jersey?"

Go local. It works. Alan Black

I believe the players are more responsible than the manager. If the tactics are correct then it's up to the players to follow through.

Why sack the manager? He has got them to a semi-final next week.

He has inherited most of the players and this is only his first full season in charge.

I think maybe you press people should stop creating news and let things happen.

Remember you are there to report the news, not make it up or try to influence simple minds. James Connor

John Barnes has to go now. He cannae stay as head coach after lost to Inverness and he shouldn't have dropped Viduka.

This is a complete disaster. Barnes has no managerial skills. Kick Barnes out! Martin Turnbull, Tayside

Give the boy a chance. I'm a Newcastle supporter and I have seen what happens when management is changed too frequently.

After a spate of decent results, there has been a lull over the last week, but that's no reason for the fans to lose their heads (and their manager). Alan Peart, UK

With regard the win by Caley this is surely what the cup is all about, but it is clear from the stinging attacks on Celtic that is not what the Old Firm are about.

Both set of fans have bought into the promise that both clubs will sweep the board in Scotland. The Old Firm and their fans simply cannot take defeat from other clubs, never mind from each other.

If they cannot take a defeat from the likes of Caley then how will they cope in the proposed Atlantic League when it is likely they will lose more games than they will win or draw?

It is time real fans spoke up for Scottish football instead of the continual Old Firm tabloid tosh we see, hear and read.

BBC Scotland also shares some of the blame with this regard. Currently the Old Firm are bringing the game into disrepute in Scotland.

It is time they for them to be thrown out! Malcolm McCandless, Dundee

BARNES MUST GO!!! Michael Joyce

If people looked at things objectively they would see a different picture re Celtic:

1. John Barnes is the current manager of the month.

2. Henrik Larson is out with a broken leg.

3. If Rangers had lost to Hibs as they should have, and not played their game in hand, and Celtic had won against Hearts and Kilmarnock (games in which we were in front ) then Celtic would only be one point behind Rangers.

4. The disclosure by an eminent psychiatrist of referee Hugh Dallas's bias intentions have only led to upset within Celtic Park. M. Lamond, Ireland

I wonder home many of the people calling for heads to roll today were cheering on the 'DreamTeam' of Daglish and Barnes not so long ago, never mind last Saturday when the team were two goals up.

To respond to Mr Lamond: 1. John Barnes is the current manager of the month. True - but when the team play well he is applauded, so he cannot be surprised at the reactions to last night's result.

2. Henrik Larson is out with a broken leg. His return will undoubtedly strengthen Celtic, but the worrying aspect is how bereft of ideas the Celtic frontline seem to be when he doesn't play.

Celtic seem to rely on him in the same way that Rangers did of Laudrup a few years ago.

3. If Rangers had lost to Hibs as they should have, and not played their game in hand, and Celtic had won against Hearts and Kilmarnock (games in which we were in front ) then Celtic would only be one point behind Rangers.

What you are saying is that Rangers should have been beaten, yet managed to claw their way back (a trait all championship contenders should possess) whilst Celtic have managed to lose games they should have won comfortably (underlining a distinct lack of backbone and an amazing ability to wilt under pressure).

4.The disclosure by an eminent psychiatrist of referee Hugh Dallas's bias intentions have only led to upset within Celtic Park.

This I completely agree with. The whole affair has backfired spectacularly, with McDonald managing to do more harm than good. Jamie Hogg

As awful as these last two defeats have been, we need to assess the long-term future of the club.

By sacking John Barnes the club would just be taking us back to square one by having to bring a new manager in.

I was against his appointment at the beginning mainly because of his inexperience, but now we need to stand by him and allow him time to develop because if we don't we are going to have the same old problems to deal with next season.

We can't continue to bay for a manager's blood if we don't win the league or the cup in the first season, let's give him a chance. James Devlin

The coach can't take all the blame. It's the men on the field who are doing the work.

I don't know why it's called a "team" because they obviously aren't working together. Maybe we need a new set of players.

I have always been a Celtic fan, as have my brother and son. It is most disappointing.

They all need a kick up the backside I think. Irene Marsden

A football team of Celtic's stature should not have a manager who by his own admission was "looking forward to cutting his managerial teeth" at the club.

A manager should cut his managerial teeth at the likes of Blackpool or Forfar, not at Parkhead.

For this reason last night's result is hardly a surprise and Celtic should look to recruit a manager with a proven managerial record at the earliest opportunity. Michael Boyle, Kent

I blame the guttering. If it had performed as it was supposed to the game would have been cancelled and Celtic would be in the cup.

Maybe Henrik Larson would have been fit for the replay. K.Johnston, UK

Had Pele been 23, affordable and willing to come to Scotland, would he have been a suitable player for an SPL encounter at Dens or Rugby Park?

I don't think so - query the managerial decisions to invest in players such as Berkovic to secure SPL success. Stephen McDonagh, UK

Saturday's result was an embarrassment, last night's result was a DISGRACE.

I've never see anything like it in 30 years of supporting Glasgow Celtic.

With our resources and earning potential we should be challenging the best teams in Europe and not struggling against ex-Highland League side whose average weekly wage is 65. John Hayes, Scotland

There is no way that John Barnes should have to shoulder the blame for the performance of the Celtic players against Caley Thistle.

It is the players who are receiving the enormous wages to perform, something which they have failed to almost all season.

If footballers are incapable of motivating themselves for a Scottish Cup game when the league is almost certainly already beyond their grasp then it is the players who should shoulder the blame.

Barnes inherited this team less than six months ago. What do fans expect?

Who would they have played last night or what tactics would they have adopted that Barnes didn't?

When the players take the field for 90 minutes' football, there is very little that a manager can do from the sideline.

Anyone at the game on Tuesday night could quite clearly see that it was on the pitch for 90 minutes where the game and effectively Celtic's season was lost. Malachy McGill, Edinburgh

Wise up Barnesy - sling your hook! Tony Maxwell, Dundalk

As an Englishman who follows Celtic I can tell you that John Barnes never showed any guts or commitment whenever he took the field for England and continually underperformed.

God knows how he won some many caps - it was all based on one goal in Rio. When the going got tough he would hide.

How can you expect a man with that type of character to motivate 11 men on a regular basis?

It is insane that Celtic should be managed by a man with no coaching qualifications. It would never happen in Europe.

The players should also take some blame for showing no fight or commitment, I get the feeling they are just there for the money and have little grasp of the enormity of the Old Firm.

Celtic won the European Cup with the team coming from Glasgow who bled green. Just like Chelsea, Celtic have fallen victim to buying too many foreign players with little backbone, who are only interested in lucrative contracts Dominic McCarthy

No organisation, no leadership, no tactics.

A Manager and assistant manager with no experience and no tactical awareness.

The only reason we are not in a worse position is because Barnes is having more money showered on him than any previous Celtic manager.

We have some quality players, but with no formation & tactics, we are too easy to beat/hold to a draw.

Celtic is too big a club for someone to learn their trade at management. GUTTED, need I say more? Ray McGhee

I think you need to look back in time at the only shock which is considered greater than last night's - Berwick 1 Glasgow Rangers 0 in 1967.

After that result, Rangers allowed Scot Symon to stay as manager and two players who were in that Rangers team never played for the club again.

They went on to reach the Cup-Winners' Cup final a few months later.

If Celtic allow Barnes to rule the dressing room and take similarly severe action against some players (ie Regi Blinker, Ian Wright and Olivier Tebily), then Celtic can turn it around very quickly.

If, however, the players control Barnes, then Celtic will have to sack him. James Morrison

Since when did Celtic or any other team have the divine right to win every game.

Just take this on the chin and get on with it.

Are the people who are calling for Barnes' head, the same people who claimed that with Kenny Dalglish, the halcyon days would return.

You should try and support a provincial team with no money to spend on players. Crisis! what Crisis ?

Scott Cameron, Kirriemuir

I wish Celtic fans would look on the bright side sometimes!

It was a very windy evening last night and the Lisbon Lions stand didn't fall down.

Alan Hendrie

Thanks for your wonderful comments but hopefully it will stand up until the next time you lot visit. Gary

It's still early days. The SPL and Scottish Cup should not be the proving ground for Barnes and Co, it should be what happens in Europe over the next couple of seasons. We want to reign supreme in Europe again and as we know what happened in 67 did not happen over night.

To achieve our goals we'll need to leave the wretched Scottish league, what with having only 4 competitive games a year (supposedly) and severely questionable referring, it's holding us back and it's bringing us all down.

Europe is where Celtic belongs with a Glasgow home. Mary Mullholland, Boston MA

I feel that the board of directors at Celtic Football Club should follow the example of the former Highland League Teams namely, Caley and Inverness Thistle, and merge with another Scottish League Team possibly Airdrie with John Barnes at the helm.

This marriage made in paradise would improve the current squad and lead to better times ahead in the 21st century. Ralph Smith

I think that we need to address the situation immediately. We need to sell off a lot of the rubbish that is currently at the team. If we don't get rid of players who will show no spirit then it is curtains.

We need a manager with a bit of passion, somebody like Martin O'Neill or Tommy Burns.

I have never seen a team play with such a lack of passion. I wouldn't care if we had of lost last night if the players on the park had shown a lot more heart and fought for the jersey.

With the exception of about 4 or 5 players all the rest need to go, as does Kenny Dalglish and John Barnes. Martin Smith, South Derry

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