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Couples to wed on 'lucky' seventh
Dieter Martin and Karin Kiene
Karin Kiene and Dieter Martin hope the date will bring them luck
Registrars across the country are reporting a huge surge in the number of couples getting married on Saturday.

The popularity of the date is being put down to the fact it will be the seventh day of the seventh month in the seventh year of the millennium.

Local authorities across Scotland said a higher than average number of couples planned to walk down the aisle.

The number seven is believed by some to have mystical powers or bring luck and holds significance for some religions.

Traditionally August and September are the busiest time of the year for weddings with the most recent figures showing 3 and 4 September as the most popular dates to get married.

But Dundee city registrar Grant Law said the significance of Saturday's date had not escaped couples, with 19 due to tie the knot in the city.

We have seen a decline in the numbers of people getting married in recent years but this weekend is very different
Registrar Grant Law

He said: "It became pretty clear early on that people were after this date.

"It will certainly be the busiest date that I can remember for the last few years.

"We have seen a decline in the numbers of people getting married in recent years but this weekend is very different.

"Saturdays are always busy but when you consider that on Valentine's Day this year we only had three or four people getting married, you realise that 19 weddings in one day is not a coincidence."

'Perfect date'

In Gretna 78 couples will get married, well up on this year's Valentine's Day total of 44.

In Edinburgh the numbers are also up with 68 couples due to tie the knot.

Chief Registrar, Liz Allan said: "It seems the date has attracted a few more couples.

"Not only do some people regard this date as an auspicious, it's also easy one to remember so there will be no excuses for future anniversaries."

German couple Dieter Martin and Karin Kiene from Buchheim, near Stuttgart, are among those hoping to benefit from the date's supposed charms.

They have travelled to Scotland from their home town to tie the knot at Dundee register office.

Karin, 32, told the BBC news website: "Seven is my lucky number so getting married on the seventh day of the seventh month in 2007 seemed like the perfect date and hopefully it will bring us luck."

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