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Last Updated: Monday, 2 July 2007, 10:12 GMT 11:12 UK
Police want stop and search power
Police raided a house in Houston
Police chiefs said they would use the powers "sensitively"
Scots police chiefs expect to be granted further powers to stop and search the public in the wake of the Glasgow Airport terror attack.

The president of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos), said the powers had been applied for after Saturday's attack.

Chief Constable Colin McKerracher urged the public to be tolerant of extra security measures.

He said they would be used "sensitively" and when appropriate.

Mr McKerracher said: "We have applied for the authorisation to utilise stop-and-search and that is across every community in Scotland.

The public response has been terrific
Colin McKerracher

"That will be done sensitively and in situations where officers on the ground feel that is appropriate.

"Those powers were sought two days ago and that gives us an immediate 48 hours authorisation and then they will be confirmed by the Home Secretary."

Speaking on behalf of Scotland's eight police forces, Mr McKerracher said: "It is our intention, as people get back to work today and as community life returns to normal, to maintain our high-visibility patrols and to make sure the people of Scotland realise that we have their safety at heart."

The police chief, head of Grampian Police, said each force would use all the resources available to combat the terror threat and reassure the public.

He confirmed that setting down by cars outside airport entrances would not be permitted for the foreseeable future.

Security will also be enhanced at large public gatherings such as this month's T in the Park music festival in Perthshire.

Mr McKerracher said the public response since the car attack had been "terrific".

Speaking of the period after Saturday afternoon's incident, he said: "One or two forces, their switchboards were continually being brought to a standstill because of the number of calls coming through to us, so the public response has been terrific."


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