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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 11:21 GMT 12:21 UK
Decrease in vacant teaching posts
The government has promised funding for more teachers
There has been a fall in number of vacancies for teachers in Scotland, according to official figures.

There were 695 unfilled posts in February 2007, compared with 774 in the previous year.

Vacancy rates were highest in English and drama, while there was a small rise in unfilled maths jobs.

The Scottish government recently announced it would fund 300 more nursery and primary teachers from August, in a bid to reduce class sizes.

The term-time advertised vacancy figures, published by the Scottish Executive, also revealed that 138 posts were unfilled for more than three months, down from 245 in 2006.

'Ambitious targets'

However, the executive warned these should not be confused with job opportunities for graduates.

There were 3,858 probationer teachers provisionally allocated to publicly funded schools for 2007-8, as of 18 June.

Scottish Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop said a previous drive to train so many teachers so quickly had put pressure on the system, adding: "This is causing frustration and heartache for those probationer teachers who are currently looking for a permanent post.

"Within weeks of coming to power I have taken action to address this.

"Their skills will be needed to meet our ambitious targets on class sizes. It is a waste of their time and talents to train them to sit at home."

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