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Churches unite in New Year plea
The Right Reverend Alan McDonald and Cardinal Keith O'Brien
The Right Reverend Alan McDonald and Cardinal Keith O'Brien
Scottish Christian church leaders have issued a joint New year message condemning sectarianism and the replacement of Trident.

It is the first time that the leaders of the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church in Scotland have issued a joint statement.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien and the Right Reverend Alan McDonald called on MPs to oppose a new British nuclear deterrent.

They also urged people of different faiths to unite against bigotry.

The clergymen said: "Many things concern us as we begin this new year, and looming large is the ever-present menace of nuclear weapons.

"We pray that our MPs will make a stand for the principles of peace, and will have the courage to refuse to endorse a replacement for Trident.

"Peace cannot be advanced by the commissioning of new weapons of mass destruction."

'Peace promise'

In their 480-word historic message, Cardinal O'Brien and Rt Rev McDonald also called for an end to bigotry.

They said: "Because this small country is dear to us, we are ashamed of its inheritance of sectarianism and violence.

"We call on all to resist attempts to divide people on religious or any other grounds.

"Faith unites us infinitely more than it divides us. The promise of peace is for all people, whatever denomination and whatever faith."

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