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Salmond in New Year message first
SNP leader Alex Salmond
Mr Salmond's message is to be posted on the web
SNP leader Alex Salmond is to post his New Year message on the video-sharing website, YouTube.

The SNP claimed it was the first New Year message from a Scottish political leader to be broadcast online.

Mr Salmond used the speech, recorded at a lighthouse, to outline his party's aim for peace, prosperity and justice.

He said: "Let us resolve this year to steer our country out of rough waters and bring her under the safety of the independence light."

Mr Salmond said the SNP was working for peace because Scotland had been "dragged into enough foolish, costly and illegal wars".

Speaking from the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse in Fraserburgh, he said Scotland could increase its prosperity by learning from countries across the water, such as Norway.

SNP leader Alex Salmond
Mr Salmond recorded his message at Kinnaird Head Lighthouse

The MP for Banff & Buchan said he also wanted a socially just country.

"Just to all communities across the country and just in particular towards hard working families who struggle to make ends meet," he said.

"Every New Year is a time for resolution. However, this coming year of 2007 is special - special because we have the democratic opportunity to make progress towards these great objectives of peace, prosperity and justice and the independence which will make them happen."

Mr Salmond's message will be available on the SNP's website and at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cD1g11yYZc.

Run aground

The Labour Party's George Foulkes, responding to Mr Salmond's message, said: "The one consistent thing about Alex Salmond is that when he is charge of the SNP they always seem to run aground in the rocks.

"Perhaps that is why Alex has chosen to film his latest video next to a lighthouse.

"It is time the SNP stopped making promotional videos and started answering the serious question of how they are going to pay for their damaging separation policy.

"Which taxes would rise or which schools and hospitals would be cut?"

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