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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 December 2006, 13:03 GMT
SNP pledges renewables 'jackpot'
SNP leader Alex Salmond
Mr Salmond promised to work with Norway on renewables
Renewable energy would be a priority under an SNP administration at Holyrood, according to Alex Salmond.

He told the SNP's ruling council that a North Sea "electricity super-grid" could be a landmark achievement for an SNP-led Scottish Executive.

The grid would aim to take Scottish and Norwegian green electricity to "energy-poor" western central Europe.

The SNP party leader said North Sea oil was Scotland's "first lottery win" and green energy could become its second.

He told members at the SNP National Council in Perth on Saturday that political parties "who wasted the first half of oil and gas could not be trusted with developing Scotland's renewable power".

"We need leadership, fresh thinking and determination to make the most of our claim," he said.

"The decisions we take now will decide whether we are world-leaders or also-rans; whether we move forward into a new era of clean technology or slip back to the past with a return to dangerous, dirty and expensive nuclear power.

"Energy is Scotland's opportunity and Scotland's challenge.

"That is why we must, as a nation, be energy-wise and make decisions that will benefit us today and for the long-term, decisions that our children and their children can be proud of."

Mr Salmond met with Norwegian leaders last month to discuss proposals for a super-grid.

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