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Goldie calls for jail drug tests
Annabel Goldie
Annabel Goldie says too much crime in Scotland is fuelled by drugs
Drug tests should be mandatory for new prisoners and all inmates should be tested regularly, according to the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

Annabel Goldie told Conservative election candidates at a meeting on Sunday that there should be a "carrot and stick" approach to drugs in jails.

She said there should be privileges for those who stay clean and sanctions for prisoners who fail drug tests.

Anyone supplying drugs to prisoners should also be punished, she added.

The West of Scotland region MSP called for visiting rights to be withdrawn in such cases and for criminal charges to be brought.

Zero tolerance

The party would also consider making prison visits take place behind glass screens to prevent drugs from being passed over.

"If we cannot adopt a zero tolerance approach to drugs in prisons, then there is no hope of winning the war," she said.

She also called for "proactive" rehabilitation programmes that work with addicts before and after release.

"The benefits to society will be great if we find the political will to take this task on," she told candidates.

"It will be good for addicts, good for their families and good for society as a whole because so much crime in Scotland is fuelled by drugs."

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