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Pensioner, 94, in nuclear protest
Alice Beer
Mrs Beer said she was "doing her bit"
An elderly woman who has lived through both world wars has begun a two-day protest outside the base which houses the UK's nuclear deterrent.

Alice Beer, 94, is spending the weekend at the Faslane naval base on the River Clyde, leading a group called Goats, (Golden Oldies Against Trident).

She is among about a dozen senior citizens who are part of a contingent of protesters from Leicestershire.

About 60 demonstrators cheered as Mrs Beer arrived in her wheelchair.

Mrs Beer, who has been politically active since her teenage years in Vienna, opposing the rise of fascism, said that an end to Trident and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was a cause very close to her heart.

We'd rather have the money spent on something for peace and not for war
Alice Beer

She said: "I'm very glad to have this opportunity to come here and, as they used to say in the war, 'to do my bit'.

"It's very, very important and we have lots of people here so I hope people pay attention to the cause.

"We feel we want to do all we can to stop Trident, we don't want any more of them after its gone either.

"We'd rather have the money spent on something for peace and not for war."

The group from Leicestershire is at the nuclear base as part of Faslane 365, a year-long, non-violent blockade.

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