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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 December 2006, 18:57 GMT
Five arrested at naval peace demo
Faslane protest
Peace protests are a frequent event at the naval base
Police have arrested five peace protesters after they blockaded an entrance to a British nuclear base.

The anti-Trident campaigners were held at Faslane Naval Base, Argyll and Bute, at about 1130 GMT on Saturday.

Supporters said the five were part of a larger group from Ireland, which had travelled to Scotland to make a stand against nuclear weapons.

A spokesman for campaign group Faslane 365 said that the blockade lasted about 40 minutes.

New generation

He added: "Members of the group sang songs and shouted words of encouragement while the five were being arrested."

The base on the Clyde is subject to frequent protests from anti-nuclear campaigners.

A Strathclyde Police spokesperson said: "Five people were arrested at 11.30am today."

Prime Minister Tony Blair outlined this week plans to spend up to 20bn on a new generation of submarines that will carry Trident missile systems, which are currently kept at Faslane.

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