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Eighteen rescued from fair ride
Fairground rescue
Rescuers worked to free revellers stuck on the ride
Rescue services have freed 18 people who were trapped upside down on a fairground ride at Strathclyde Country Park, in Motherwell, near Glasgow.

Fire and ambulance crews released the riders, aged between eight and 27, within two hours of a mechanical fault, which happened just before 2100 GMT.

The revellers had to be freed in pairs from the ride, where they were stuck 20ft (6m) above the ground.

Everyone was removed from the ride by 2300 GMT, Strathclyde Police said.

Most of the people were believed to be suffering from dizziness.

One 27-year-old man was taken to hospital suffering from shock.

Fairground ride
Health and safety officers are due to assess the ride

It is understood the young people had been hanging upside down for half an hour before engineers managed to free the mechanism that enabled the passengers to be brought upright.

Strathclyde Fire Brigade used lines to steady the ride and turn it round in stages to bring each group of passengers close to the ground.

Firefighters also used ladders to bring people to safety.

Ronnie Nesbit, whose daughters were trapped, has expressed anger about the entire incident.

"My daughters were here and my son and I got a phone call saying the two of them were stuck up there," he said.

"I think the information passed across to the likes of parents like myself - got pushed from pillar to post by the police again, and there was just no information coming across."

Meanwhile, health and safety officials are due to make a full inspection of the ride.

Insp Derek Brown of Strathclyde Police said: "It could have been a much more serious incident.

"Fortunately only one person was taken to hospital."

We asked for comments from readers who witnessed the rescue.

I was at the park after the fireworks display for over an hour and the whole time the ride was stuck upside down. For most of that time the ride mechanics were working on the arm that held the seated area upside down and I never did get to see them get it upright. I would have expected more contigency for this type of incident.
Chris West, East Kilbride, Scotland

the ride broke down about 8.20 & the kids were hung upside down for over an hour & a half. they did not let the ride down in stages. they finally cut the hydraulic feed & seated area just dropped. i'm surprised none of the kids suffered injuries from the jolt of being thrown.

the first boy to be freed was suffering panic attacks.

M&D's is a large attraction, in lanarkshire. The fire Brigade should have been more prepared for something like this to happen.
julie Rodger, Stonehouse

I was at the fireworks display in Strathclyde park and was in the crowd waiting to cross the footbridge from Motherwell to Hamilton, when several ambulances and fire engines tried to get through the crowd. The crowd was blocking the only route to the fairground area and may have cost the emergency services valuable time. Further planning for emeregency routes may be required in the future.
Andy, Hamilton, Scotland

Me and my husband were there last night and the ride stuck when we arrived at 8.15pm and we thought it was part of the ride, then when we passed the ride after the display it was stuck again only more serious this time.
Evonne Gaittens, Motherwell

Trapped people freed from the fairground ride

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