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Kriss Donald: The Investigation
By Alex Robertson
BBC Scotland news website
Glasgow and West reporter

At about 1425 GMT on Tuesday 16 March, 2004, police in Glasgow's east end announced they had found a teenager's body.

About 20 minutes later, their colleagues on the southside of the city said they were investigating the abduction of a schoolboy from Pollokshields.

Imran Shahid, Daanish Zahid, Zeeshan Shahid, Zahid Mohammed and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq (l to r)(Pictures from Ciaran Donnelly)
The criminal gang arrested and convicted in the Kriss Donald case
It would be three hours before police confirmed the incidents were linked.

The youngster found with multiple stab wounds and burns covering 70% of his body was missing teenager Kriss Donald.

The hunt for his killers would last more than two years.

Kriss's death, described as "brutal and senseless" by the investigating officer, Det Supt Elliot McKenzie, sparked an inquiry that would lead detectives around Scotland and eventually to Pakistan.

The police had the suspects in the frame within hours of Kriss's abduction and they said they were following a "positive line of inquiry".

But detectives had to build a case before detaining or arresting those responsible.

Escape to Pakistan

In the meantime, three of the four murderers - Imran Shahid, 29, his brother Zeeshan, 28, and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq, 27 - were making plans to escape to Pakistan.

Detectives made a crucial breakthrough when they found a car used in the abduction burned out in the west end.

Kriss's blood was on it. Imran Shahid's DNA was found on a jacket in the car.

Within two weeks, two 20-year-old Asian men were arrested.

Daanish Zahid, who denied any involvement, is now serving a life sentence abduction and murder. He must serve at least 17 years.

Police officers patrol the Clyde walkway where Kriss was found
Police officers patrol the Clyde walkway where Kriss was found

The prosecution described Kriss's murder as a "callous execution".

Zahid Mohammed serviced half of a five-year jail sentence after he admitted abducting Kriss and lying to police. He then returned to court to give evidence against the other three murderers.

Attention then shifted to a Strathclyde Police operation targeting crime among the Asian community in Pollokshields, which ended months before Kriss's death.

Scotland's largest police force said Operation Gather was concluded after five years following a number of successes.

Chief Constable Willie Raw described Kriss's death as an "appalling event".

Meanwhile, the investigation team applied for and were granted three arrest warrants.

Big investigation

The accused had fled to Pakistan, which has no extradition treaty with the UK.

In July 2005, more than a year after Kriss's death, Imran Shahid was arrested in Lahore.

Later, Mohammed Mushtaq and Zeeshan Shahid were taken into custody near Faisalabad.

In August of that year, they agreed to be extradited.

All three denied any involvement in Kriss's death.

The guilty verdict delivered by the jury on Wednesday, 8 November signals the end of the investigation, one of the largest ever undertaken by a Scottish police force.

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