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Last Updated: Friday, 20 October 2006, 00:26 GMT 01:26 UK
Film documents extreme rock climb
Dave MacLeod
Dave MacLeod fell off the rock face nine times during the attempt
A new film about one of the world's toughest rock climbs premieres in Edinburgh this weekend.

E11 documents climber Dave MacLeod's attempt to scale a sheer cliff face, which he has since named Rhapsody, at Dumbarton Rock near Glasgow.

It took him 14 months to finally climb the route and a film crew followed him every step of the way - including the nine times he fell to the rocks below.

E11 is to be shown at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival.

The makers have been surprised by the level of interest - far beyond the small community of climbers and walkers in Scotland.

They believe Dave MacLeod's dogged determination - and the suburban location - have helped increase interest.

About 250,000 people have so far downloaded the trailer and there are now plans to release the film on DVD after this weekend's premiere.

Dave MacLeod attempts to scale Dumbarton Rock

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