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Last Updated: Monday, 11 September 2006, 00:58 GMT 01:58 UK
Pubs 'healthier' after smoke ban
Cancer Research UK poster
The poster was first used to welcome the introduction of the ban
The vast majority of bar staff in Scotland believe their workplaces are healthier since the introduction of the smoking ban, according to a new survey.

The Cancer Research UK poll of 545 workers revealed that three-quarters thought the legislation would improve their health in the long term.

It found young people recognised the health benefits more than older people.

The charity has relaunched its poster campaign to celebrate the first six months of the ban.

Professor Gerard Hastings, director of the charity's Centre for Tobacco Control Research at Stirling University, said: "This is great news.

"The survey results show that, in just six months, the people of Scotland are already reaping the health benefits of going smoke-free."

Cancer Research UK said bar workers who smoked were also positive about the health effects of the law.

Scotland should be proud of having moved so fast to embrace smoke-free legislation
Professor Alex Markham
Cancer Research UK

Almost 90% reported a healthier work environment and 69% said it would benefit their health in the long term.

There were differences in how young and older people viewed the impact of the ban, with 82% of 18-29-year-olds claiming their workplace was now healthier compared to 67% of over-50s.

Professor Hastings said: "By protecting people from second-hand smoke and helping smokers to quit, Scotland's smoking ban will save many thousands of lives in the next decade."

Professor Alex Markham, Cancer Research UK's chief executive, said: "Scotland should be proud of having moved so fast to embrace smoke-free legislation.

"While the rest of the UK plays catch up, Scotland has led the way in showing how to ensure a smoke-free future."

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