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Key figures in the Sheridan case
Family matters

Gail Sheridan
Gail Sheridan stood by her man. In evidence, she said she felt sick to the pit of her stomach when the allegations were made but said she trusted her husband and was proud of him.

Angus Healy
Angus Healy, a retired social care worker and Gail's father, said his son-in-law was with him when he was alleged to have taken part in group sex in a hotel suite in Glasgow.

Affair allegations

Fiona McGuire
Fiona McGuire, a former escort girl, claimed she had an affair with Mr Sheridan and both had participated in cocaine-fuelled five-in-a-bed sex. She was paid 20,000 for her story.

Anvar Khan
Anvar Khan, a freelance journalist, said she had an "on-off casual sex relationship" with Mr Sheridan for eight years and visited Cupids swingers' club in Manchester with him.

Katrine Trolle
Katrine Trolle, a Scottish Socialist Party activist, told the court she had group sex with Mr Sheridan and visited Cupids swingers' club. She said she had sex with the Socialist MSP in his home.

Ann Colvin and Helen Allison
Anne Colvin and Helen Allison claimed they both saw Mr Sheridan in a threesome with another man and a woman in a private suite when invited to a party in a hotel in Glasgow.

Party politics

Colin Fox
Colin Fox MSP, Scottish Socialist Party leader, said Mr Sheridan admitted at an emergency meeting that he had visited a swingers' club. Mr Fox returned from holiday to give evidence.

Carolyn Leckie and Rose Kane
Carolyn Leckie MSP and Rosie Kane MSP. Both women told the court their comrade had admitted he had been in a sex club and denied they were involved in a political faction fight.

Alan McCombes
Alan McCombes, senior SSP official, said he was giving evidence under the strongest possible protest and added his voice to claims Mr Sheridan admitted visiting a swingers' club.

Allan Green
Allan Green, the SSP's national secretary, also said he had heard Mr Sheridan's admission. The MSP had admitted his behaviour was reckless and had apologised.

Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott said she took notes at the emergency executive meeting and denied a suggestion by Mr Sheridan her minute was dodgy and concocted to undermine him politically.

Alison Kane
Allison Kane, the SSP's national treasurer, was the first witness called and the first to claim Mr Sheridan had admitted at an emergency party meeting that he had visited a swingers' club.

Rosemary Byrne
Rosemary Byrne MSP was among Socialists who claimed they had never heard Mr Sheridan admit going to a swingers' club. She also said minutes of the party meeting had not been ratified.

Pat Smith
Pat Smith, a member of the SSP executive committee, said Mr Sheridan had denied attending a swingers' club and claimed a minute taken at an emergency party meeting was inaccurate.

Keith Baldassara
Keith Baldassara, Glasgow councillor, said he almost quit working for Mr Sheridan after he heard about a "night of madness" during a stag night for the MSP's brother-in-law.

A tabloid perspective

Robert Bird
Bob Bird, editor of the News of the World in Scotland, said the tabloid's claims about Mr Sheridan were 100% true and denied, when questioned by the Socialist MSP, being a chancer.

Douglas Wight
Douglas Wight, then Scotland news editor for the News of the World, said Mr Sheridan's public picture was at odds with his private life and read in court an interview with Fiona McGuire.

Allan Caldwell
Allan Caldwell, freelance investigative reporter, said a contact called him to say he had just seen Mr Sheridan in Cupids club in Manchester. Mr Caldwell tipped off the News of the World.

Paul Holleran
Paul Holleran, of the National Union of Journalists, said Anvar Khan was put under pressure by the News of the World to sign an affidavit about her claims.

Legal argument

Richard Keen QC
Richard Keen QC, sacked by Mr Sheridan. Did not attend court for part of the trial. Lord Turnbull described him as "one of the most talented and experienced practitioners in the entire country".

Graeme Henderson
Graeme Henderson, junior advocate, also sacked after he accused Anne Colvin of credit card fraud. Mr Sheridan told jurors he was "less than happy" with his defence.

Mike Jones QC
Mike Jones QC, for the News of the World, said Mr Sheridan had a "monstrous ego" and had displayed a recklessness that had ended many a great political career.

Alistair Clark
Alistair Clark, junior counsel, said in his opening speech that the News of the World was a newspaper "which prides itself on campaigns and exposing hypocrisy on the part of public figures".

Lord Turnbull
Lord Turnbull presided over the case. In his direction, he told the jury their decision must not be influenced by emotion, bias, their personal views or extensive media coverage.

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