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Last Updated: Friday, 30 June 2006, 06:32 GMT 07:32 UK
New warning as knife amnesty ends
Those caught with a blade now face custody until they appear in court
Scotland's top legal officer has warned the end of a nationwide knife amnesty would be backed up by tough measures for anyone caught carrying a blade.

Lord Advocate Colin Boyd QC warned that those caught with a knife now faced custody until they appeared in court.

The five-week campaign, which has run simultaneously across Scotland, England and Wales, ends at midnight.

In Scotland, detailed results of how many knives were handed in to police will be made available next week.

Forces have reported a good response.

Quality of life

Mr Boyd warned the new measures would be rigidly enforced.

He said: "Communities can have confidence that those who carry, or use knives on our streets, will be swiftly dealt with.

"The people of Scotland expect us to tackle the issues that make a difference to the quality of life in local communities, and that is what we must do.

"We must give our young people the incentive and the confidence to end the knife culture."

A survey by the Press Association revealed that from 24 May to 30 June there were 19 stabbings in Scotland, four of which were fatal.

See how new knife laws will be enforced

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