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Magazine attacks Scots devolution
Smoking in a pub before the ban
The article said the smoking ban fell into the "nanny-state" category
Scotland has become an inward-looking and slightly Anglophobic country since devolution, according to an article in the Economist magazine.

Author Johnny Grimond said politicians at Holyrood governed "like teenagers on an allowance".

He claimed the Scottish Executive had been "slow to tax, quick to spend and even quicker to ban".

A spokesman for the first minister dismissed it as the rambling thoughts of someone on a day trip from London.

Mr Grimond criticised the executive's two main innovations - the abolition of tuition fees and free care for the elderly.

He described free care as a "terrifying blank cheque".

The author also said the ban on smoking in indoor public places fell into the "nanny-state" category.

And First Minister Jack McConnell was dismissed as a product of local government which was rich in "numpties".

Devolution has not diminished this sense of being damn-well-not-British
Johnny Grimond
The Economist

He claimed that devolution had not robbed Scots of a chip on the shoulder about the English.

Mr Grimond said: "Devolution has not diminished this sense of being damn-well-not-British, nor the rising Anglophobia that seems to have come with it.

"This is difficult to measure but is regularly attested to among the 400,000 or so people of English birth who live in Scotland."

However, he was not completely disillusioned, claiming that while Scotland's politics showed little originality, its arts were flourishing.

The Economist report coincided with the publication of a survey which looked at the definition of Scottishness.

It said speaking with a Scottish accent and being born In Scotland were what made a person Scottish.

The Scottish Centre for Social Research said these factors were more important than the colour of a person's skin.

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