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Home movers dig up garden plants
New houses
Fixtures and fittings can often be missing in new homes
More than a quarter of home owners pack up their favourite garden plants when moving house, a study has revealed.

Light fittings, toilet roll holders and house number plaques were also among the items people confessed to taking with them when they changed address.

A further 5% of those surveyed admitted taking council-owned wheelie bins.

The Bank of Scotland, which conducted the research, said buyers should have a written agreement about what items should be left behind.

Light bulbs

Director Colin Kemp said: "It would be nice to think that everybody would leave their old homes as they would wish to find their new ones.

"But, unfortunately this is not always the case, despite the fact that people are only saving themselves a relatively small sum by taking items like light bulbs and house number plaques.

"The key is to ensure that you have documentation stating precisely what will be left behind or taken."

Researchers found that garden plants were the most common items for people to take from their properties.

Some 12% of people confessed to taking light fittings out of the house, and a further 8% admitted to packing up light bulbs.

The same number of people said they took toilet roll holders and towel rails from bathrooms, often leaving unsightly holes in tiles and wallpaper.

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