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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 18:26 GMT 19:26 UK
Lap dancing curbs 'pose danger'
A report has recommended curbs on the adult entertainment industry, including a one metre minimum distance between lap dancers and customers and an end to private dances in booths.

The measures are aimed at preventing exploitation. Here dancer and blogger Veronica Deneuve gives her views.


Frankly I am raging, the Adult Entertainment Working Group (AEWG) missed fundamental issues in their lax consultation process and their self-imposed righteousness masks their ignorance in this matter.

If only they had listened to the dancers.

Stripper Dita Von Teese performs at film premiere
Stripper Dita Von Teese performs at a film premiere

The working group's refusal to acknowledge the fact that a ban on close proximity, private areas for dancing and lap dancing as a legitimate form of performance, will only cause more social problems, restricted income for dancers and cause a headache for the local authorities who they have left to pick up the bill for policing this exercise.

The AEWG has based its entire report on the basis of one strip bar chain with venues in England.

It is the AEWG which refuses to accept the complexities of the situation when it bases all decisions on such sweeping generalisations.

This type of legislation has been driven by big business and will strangle Scottish venues.

The afterthought that legislation can suddenly be relaxed when a 'real' artistic performance suddenly includes close proximity and nudity is outrageous!

It undermines the women in the industry who work daily on routines with a great deal of imagination, physical skill and a shoestring budget.

Young entrepreneurs, Mr McConnell? Look no further, these women have intelligence and drive that would impress even Donald Trump.

Personal taste and ideas of worth, make poor laws

The real danger now is, how many dancers will have to advertise on the internet, cater for only private venues in hotel rooms and face any of the dangers related to performing outside the relative safety of a lap dancing bar?

This is not only legislation against lap dancers themselves, it is legislation against the bricks and mortar that give them sanctuary.

A similar ban in the US ended up with the courts forced to admit that lap dancing "is entitled to the same protection as a DH Lawrence novel, a painting by Goya, a Fellini movie, or one of the Bard's (Shakespeare's) plays".

Personal taste and ideas of worth make poor laws.

A similar case backed "freedom from government domination in making the most intimate and personal decisions".

Pole dancer
The recommendations cover lap dancers and pole dancers

Such as to choose to practice active homosexuality.

The judge in this case recognised that it is up to no-one but the individual to select the proximity that they so choose to engage with their clients.

There had been a promise to banish vague law-making in the remit and purpose of the AEWG, this report does nothing but perpetuate this.

These recommendations were rushed and the consequences are a series of irrational restrictions that only serve to cut away any credibility that the working group has tried to preserve throughout the last year.

Oscar Wilde said: "Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others."

Dancers (and that includes lap dancers) are those who feel comfortable in their own skin and are unafraid to use their sexuality and their intelligence.

Don't judge us wicked or try to convince us that we are victimised, just because we are beautiful.

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