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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 April 2006, 11:05 GMT 12:05 UK
Campaigners to seek council seats
Scottish Borders Council
The campaign group will seek seats on the council next year
A campaign group fighting against major housing developments is to field candidates at the elections to Scottish Borders Council next year.

Save Scott's Countryside (SSC) believes it can benefit from the new proportional representation system.

Candidates will also oppose the restoration of the Waverley rail route to Tweedbank in the Borders.

They claim the scheme is being used as an excuse to turn the region into a suburb of Edinburgh.

Nicholas Watson of SSC confirmed the plans to seek seats on the council in 2007.

"I think there are some very good councillors and some very good planners but there seems to be a pitiful lack of debate about which way we want the Borders to go," he said.

"We have really reached a crossroads.

"We can either go down the suburb of Edinburgh route or we can start pulling ourselves together as a proud and independent region."

Mr Watson added that the proportional representation system might boost their plans.

"Single issue parties sometimes get laughed at - and sometimes rightly so," he said.

"Certainly with PR if one makes a clear message and one manages to stand someone in every seat then the new system would work to our advantage."

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