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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 23:19 GMT 00:19 UK
Cox may be ambassador for Dundee
Brian Cox
Brian Cox has been celebrating Tartan Week in the US
Hollywood actor Brian Cox has offered to front a campaign to boost the profile of his native Dundee.

He also backed the idea of a heritage museum to show a "warts and all" history of the city.

The Bourne Identity star also called for Tartan Week to be given greater financial support.

Speaking on a visit to Dundee, Cox said he had been inspired by a heritage museum in Pittsburgh, US, which had less history than his home town.

"You've got everything from whaling and jute to Desperate Dan and Oor Willie," he said.

"There's a history here which is quite phenomenal."

Strain on resources

Asked if Cox would act as an ambassador to Dundee, he said: "I would give time to it. I couldn't make it all consuming because I've got to earn a living. But I'm sure I'd have people to help me.

"The city has been an inspiration to me. It's a city that can also look at itself honestly and once you can do that you're quids in."

He said that Tartan Week, from which he has just returned in the US, worked very well.

But he added: "Tartan Week needs greater funding. It's a big strain on resources and there are things that could be done even better if we could just get a little bit of underwriting on it."

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