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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 11:48 GMT 12:48 UK
School business scheme 'problems'
Virtual learning launch
Deputy First Minister Nicol Stephen views a virtual learning project
Problems have been highlighted by a report into a multi-million pound Scottish Executive scheme to promote the ethos of business in schools.

The aim of the 86m Determined to Succeed project has been to make pupils more enterprising.

But the Institute of Directors said the scheme would be better with business people leading it.

The executive said Determined to Succeed was making good progress and would do better still.

Ministers launched the scheme to encourage enterprise and promote the idea of going into business.

We hope that even more partnerships will be forged over the coming months and we will continue to liaise with both sectors to help this happen
Scottish Executive spokesman

Examples of some of the ventures include making and selling goods such as calendars, running cafes or organising events such as a local history bus tour.

It was backed with extra money from tycoon Tom Hunter.

But three years on, half of all education authorities are still only in the early stages of setting up business links.

Schools reported the main feature of the scheme was that it was a source for them of more cash and other resources.

Business groups had earlier said they wanted evidence that the money was always being spent in they way it was intended to be spent.

In some schools only a few staff are getting on board.

Confusing project

Last year a study indicated many businesses and schools found the project confusing.

An executive spokesman said: "The development of partnerships between schools and partnerships is progressing very well and last autumn we achieved our target of 2,000 partnerships ahead of schedule.

"However, we hope that even more partnerships will be forged over the coming months and we will continue to liaise with both sectors to help this happen."

Determined to Succeed was unveiled in March 2003, with an aim of having teams in all 32 Scottish local authorities to ensure delivery through until 2008.

It is designed to prepare pupils for work through entrepreneurial and vocational education.

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