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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 06:04 GMT 07:04 UK
Chinese-Scottish tartan launched
The new tartan incorporates colours of the Saltire and Chinese flag.
A Chinese-Scottish tartan has been created to strengthen links between the two countries.

It was inspired by Chinese Consul General Madame Guo Guifang, who said tartan was a key to the appeal Scotland holds for Chinese tourists.

The creators hope the tartan will boost tourism and business opportunities between China and Scotland.

It was specially designed by the Strathmore Woollen Company and the Scottish Tartans Authority.

The company is also hoping to link up with a business partner in China to launch a clothing label using the design.

3,000-year link

The new tartan incorporates blue and white from the Saltire and the red and yellow featured in the Chinese flag.

The tartan will be officially unveiled in Angus on Tartan Day, on 6 April.

Angus provost Bill Middleton said: "The new Chinese-Scottish tartan symbolises the co-operation and harmony that exists between Chinese people and Scottish people everywhere.

"As this tartan belongs to the Chinese as a nation, we hope to see it worn around the world."

China's link with tartan goes back almost 3,000 years when an explorer in Xinjiang, Western China, discovered the burial place of a group of ancient Caucasian travellers wearing perfectly preserved tartans.

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